Release 1.01 - 30th December 2016
 - Updated versioning for CPAN indexing

Release 1.00 - 30th December 2016
 - Added branch, statement, and subroutine details thanks to
   Oliver Trosien

Release 0.35 - 13th March 2012
 - Fix RT#75376 thanks to Olivier Mengué - unit tests
   pass when using local::lib based installs

Release 0.34 - 27th February 2012
 - dist version mistake

Release 0.32 - 27th February 2012
 - use the package name 'main' instead of ''
 - sort the package names

Release 0.31 - 25th October 2011
 - BUG: if summary was empty the script would die
 - minor documentation adjustments

Release 0.30 - 18th October 2011
 - BUG: report was being written twice for no reason
 - BUG: branch+condition needs to be the default
 - BUG: make sure to pass project name from the command line
 - BUG: element (and covered element) totals were wrong and sometimes
   even zero
 - More tests for end to end testing to ensure files are written
 - Refactored metrics call to reduce duplication.  Tests to
   help test this refactor.
 - a few less undef warnings

Release 0.29 - 17th October 2011
 - Decided to take out command existance prereq testing
   out of the Build.PL and Makefile.PL sections.  Will 
   try and solve the missing command problems in other ways
   to prevent cpan tests from exploding

Release 0.28 - 17th October 2011
 - One more place to find 'perl' binary '$^X'
 - One more place to find 'cover' binary '$Devel::Cover::Inc::Base'

Release 0.27 - 15th October 2011
 - Per, exit(0)
   if we're running in automated testing mode and the 'cover'
   command line program was not found (it's a dependency for testing).

Release 0.26 - 15th October 2011
 - Try and find perl related commands based on the Config module
   paths rather than the unix 'which' command. Same with the
   perl command.

Release 0.25 - 15th October 2011
 - I'm not good at TAP::Harness

Release 0.24 - 15th October 2011
 - tests in verbose mode failed cause of system command STDOUT
 - use TAP::Harness for testing the tests instead of 'prove'

Release 0.23 - 15th October 2011
 - test setup script no longer blindly tries to delete a (nonexistant)

Release 0.22 - 15th October 2011
 - file no longer missing when using Makefile.PL

Release 0.21 - 15th October 2011
 - Fix for tests for working paths containing spaces 
 - Added explicit license file .  License was listed in makefile but
   some tools like it spelled out in a text file.

Release 0.20 - 15th October 2011
 - Fairly substantial change to the Clover stats for 'conditionals' /
   'coveredconditionals'.  Previous to this version, it was only the
   Devel::Cover 'branch' metric.  Now it is the summation of the
   'branch' and 'condition' criterion.
 - Bug fixed where Class/FileFragment objects were not being created
   with a builder.
 - Lots more unit tests

Release 0.11 - 14th October 2011
 - prevent tests from being indexed on CPAN
 - support older template toolkit versions w/o 'xml' filter
 - Test::MockTime is now only recommended
 - die if test system() calls fail
 - more specific testing of keys in the summarize() methods

Release 0.10 - 13th October 2011

 - Backend refactor to promote testability

   A lot of these changes were made to help map the Perl package model
   into the Java package model.

   In Perl, a "package" is named, for example, Devel::Cover.  In Java,
   the package would be "Devel" and the class would be "Cover".  Many
   tools and file formats based on Java tech presume this sort of
   hierarchy.  Thus, the backend was rewritten to take this into account
   for the Clover xml file format.

   The backend also allows metric summaries to be calculated from the
   Devel::Cover database on particular ranges in a source file rather
   than presuming they should be calculated on the entire file all at

 - Also, noted that the extended format of the file with per-line
   annotations is really no use to implement.  After digging into
   the source code of the Clover ant stuff for the Jenkins plugin,
   it only parses the metric summaries.

Release 0.09 - 11th October 2011
 - refactor template variable creation to help make testing easier
 - fixed a bug with methods_covered being set improperly to methods

Release 0.08 - 11th October 2011
 - first stable release