Revision history for Devel-DTrace

0.01    2008-01-06
        Initial release.

0.02    2008-01-06
        Added examples to MANIFEST. Oops. Oops. Oops.

0.03    2008-01-06
        Fixed core dump in case were CvGV of the current CV is null.
        Added dtperl interpreter.

0.04    2008-01-07
        Made it work on Mac OS perl 5.8.8.

0.05    2008-01-07
        Fixed eval double counting
        Added tests

0.06    2008-01-08
        Builds on Solaris but dtperl is static.

0.07    2008-01-11
        Added test for dtrace enabled Perl.
        Added test for dtrace not supporting -h switch.

0.08	2008-07-20
        Made detection of need for object file automatic.
        Made it possible to supply flags to dtrace like this:
        DTRACEFLAGS=foo make (thanks Theo)

0.09    2008-07-21
        Warn about unreliability of dtperl on Solaris and skip tests.
        Fix entry to XS subs.

0.10    2008-07-22
        Complete rewrite of runops loop. Perl's scope exit mechanism is
        now used to report subroutine returns. I think it might actually
        be valid now rather than working more or less by accident as it
        did previously.

0.11    2008-07-22
        Improved stack walk that finds sub name so that it crosses
        stack chunk boundaries. It's unclear whether this ever happens
        in practice given that we call it on the first OP after
        subroutine entry.