Revision history for Devel::Examine::Subs

1.71    2020-12-04
        - fixes #31; unlink temporary file in _read_file() after we're done
          with it. Without unlink, we were leaking temporary files
        - add rw(), provides an interface to the internal File::Edit::Portable
        - add tempfile(), provides an interface to the internal File::Temp
        - added $ENV{ISSUE_31_TEST}, and modified _read_file() to allow tests
          to skip the recsep checks for testing against issue #31
        - updated file count tests to properly deal with the new test files
        - added t/58-tempfile_unlink_bug.t, which tests against the problem
          identified in issue #31
        - in POD, move description section above synopsis (closes #30)
        - fix misleading/incorrect comment (fixes #28)

1.70    2018-10-24
        - clean up code in respect to specific layouts (closes #18)
        - efficiency change in the core _proc() sub. We now check for existence
          before comparison (fixes #20)
        - cleaned up all instances of eval() (closes #22)
        - apply Pull Request that disables the win32 line-ending tests (t/41)
          that caused the test suite to hang on some non-Win32 platforms
          (thanks Slaven Rezić for the report, and thanks to Steve Dondley for
          the PR) (fixes #25)

1.69    2017-02-03
        - no operational/functional changes
        - forgot to add the t/57-heredoc-bug.t test file to MANIFEST, and this
          caused off-by-one test failures on Testers

1.68    2017-02-01
        - merge pull request #13, changes PPIs "content" with "serialize", as
          the former can mangle heredocs (thanks Varadinksy)
        - migrated the test files accompanying the PR into the normal test suite
        - added check in _read_file() to see if the file is a proper file
        - merged in PR #14 and PR #15 with some minor changes. Both PRs dealt
          with POD fixes and clarifications (thanks Anthony Brummett (brummett))

1.67    2016-03-14
        - bump version of File::Edit::Portable prereq to v1.24 due to bug fixes
          in previous versions of that module (File::Edit::Portable #35)
        - corrected logic in t/05-object.t tests and verified with accuracy
          that all tests are correct and working (fixes #11)
        - fixed test in t/21-core_dump.t to accommodate FEP updates

1.66    2016-02-23
        - order() dies if it's called on a directory structure, as opposed to a
          single file (closes #9)
        - changed all croak()s to confess() for better diagnostic output
        - POD fixes (closes #8)
        - bumped prereq of Mock::Sub to 1.06
        - bumped prereq of File::Edit::Portable to 1.19

1.65    2016-02-07
        - bumped prereq ver of File::Edit::Portable to 1.18

1.64    2016-02-04
        - removed erroneous build requirement that negated the File::Edit::Portable
          prereq_pm version update, allowing tests to continue to fail on some
          versions of FreeBSD

1.63    2016-02-03
        - added backup(), set/get status of _read_file() creating a '.bak' copy
          of each file on every read. Defaults to disabled (0) (fixes #7)
        - _read_file() now compares the file's line endings with that of the
          platform, and skips creating a tempfile if they match (performance).
          (fixes #4)
        - re-implemented t/002-critic.t, if RELEASE_TESTING is enabled, and
          Perl::Critic is installed
        - cosmetic changes to tests and test data files to satisfy critic
        - module() now checks to see if a module is already loaded, and then
          unloads it if it wasn't (fixes #5)

1.62    2016-01-26
        - we now require File::Edit::Portable v1.17, due to an issue in the
          previous version where an flock() problem in FBSD 10.1 and 9.2 amd64
          was causing tests to fail on those platforms

1.61    2016-01-18
        - _write_file() was breaking with file is a dir param and no copy param
          was sent in (closes #3)

1.60    2016-01-16
        - no functional changes
        - POD updates

1.59    2016-01-14
        - 100% test coverage!
        - when file param is a directory, we now use the copy param as a dir,
          create that dir, and copy all the files in the file param to it, and
          operate on those (in operations that write to files)
        - add_functionality() now checks to see if the sub being added already
          exists (closes #2)
        - true value at end of module remains in the correct place (closes #1)

1.58    20151230
        - _proc() now sets $p->{order}, which keeps track of the original order
          of subs in the file being worked on 
        - added order(), returns the list of sub names in the order they appear
          in the file
        - fixed minor issues in a couple of unit test files (file cleanup on 
          windows wasn't working correctly)
        - removed 'blead' from travis
        - win32 tests in CPAN Testers should be ok again after last dev version
        - re-enable t/24-preproc (seems to be working on win32 again)

1.57_01   20151120
        - certain deprications will be necessary after the rest of the module
          is rewritten to use PPI where it currently isn't
        - reworked _read_file(), it now populates $self->{params}{file_contents}
          from a PPI doc
        - _proc() modified to use PPI to get the sub code from the file,
          instead of extracting it out manually out of an array slice by
          counting line nums
        - $subs struct no longer has a copy of the entire file contents in each
          sub. This reduces the size of the data and all objects significantly

1.56    20151029
        - no noticeable functional changes
        - most examples have been removed as unnecessary
        - extra check put in before we clobber *trace() in BEGIN

1.55    20151022
        - no functional changes
        - runs down to perl v5.8
        - removed all features beyond 5.8 (defined-or, each on array etc)

1.53    20151019
        - reorganized tests as extensions.t was breaking on windows due to
          the same number of files not being used

1.52    20151016
        - inject() with line_num param now uses File::Edit::Portable::splice()
        - inject() w/ inject_use param uses the same as inject() w/ line_num

1.51    20151015
        - API CHANGE: extensions param changed to accept what
          File::Find::Rule::name takes, as opposed to just the extensions less
          the dot
        - _run_directory() now uses File::Edit::Portable::dir() for finding
        - Travis-CI integration
        - inject() now allows a line_num param along with a code param, will
          inject the block of code in the array ref immediately after the
          line number in the file
        - File::Find prereq removed, we now use File::Edit::Portable for
        - add_functionality() now injects the new sub, updates the dispatch
          table in all three core phases (pre_proc, engine, post_proc)

1.46    20150930
        - renamed everything from pre_filter to post_proc
        - removed test that was failing across platforms (t/24)

1.45    20150930
        - module() now allows just a single string param
          "$des->module('Data::Dumper')". Backwards compatibility has remained
        - _read_file() now uses File::Edit::Portable read()
        - _write_file() now uses File::Edit::Portable write()
        - internally, _subs() has been renamed to _proc()
        - reduced the size of the data and instance by ~50% (according to
        - new prereq: File::Basename (fixes bug where module file bak couldn't
          be saved)
        - fixed "use Symbol;" to import 'delete_package'
        - re-enabled t/24-pre-proc tests

1.43    20150923
        - search_replace() now takes a coderef that encompasses the
          substitution regex info
        - new replace() method, similar to search_replace(), but works on
          entire file. See examples/
        - added/updated tests

1.41    20150922
        - fix problems with forcing CPAN Testers to honour perl v5.012
        - disabled t/24 preproc tests

1.39    20150921
        - Tie::File no longer needed, we have our own built-in read/write
        - upon reading in a file, the line endings are saved, then completely
          prior to the file array being populated. Upon write, the saved line
          endings are added back in to each line
        - hundreds of new tests across numerous files
        - fixed a couple bugs in inject_after() relating to Tie::File removal
        - modules now have their version applied in the 'package' line
        - min perl version is 5.012;

1.35    20150917
        - reworked Makefile.PL, allows tests on MSWin32 to pass
        - we now look in all files to determine and set line-ending
          characters program-wide
        - added a '\r\n' file and added a test

1.33    20150916
        - re-added Devel::Trace::Subs integration in a way that the module
          won't break install if DTS isn't installed

1.32    20150915
        - moved repo from bitbucket to
        - removed Devel::Trace::Subs integration... breaks CPAN install because
          of the circular dependency

1.31    20150915
        - Devel::Trace::Subs has been introduced. See DEBUGGING in
          'perldoc Devel::Examine::Subs'
        - code injection now has much more reliable indenting

1.30    20150914
        - inject_after() no longer adds a new empty line after code is
        - fixed bug where Module::Name wasn't being required properly
        - added 'inject_after_sub_def' param to inject() preproc

1.29    20150913
        - added inject(), with 'inject_use' parameter
        - added remove(), which operates at the file level
        - fixed a couple of undef warnings in inject_after()

        - Data::Compare to compare for caching
        - cache is now working again
        - added cache (default off) persistent param
        - added cache_dump transient param
        - all public methods (less run()) now take a hash as params
          (as opposed to hash ref).
        - pre_filters are now accepted in an aref if there are more than one:
          ['string', $cref, 'string'] etc.

1.27    20150813
        - 'regex' param now enabled by default
        - new 'objects_as_hash' param

1.24    20150812
        - fixes bug 54: implement _clean_config()
        - fixes bug 56: allow 'file' param to be a module name
        - params are separated into persistent and transient
        - all params are now validated
        - transient params get reset after each run()
        - added valid_params()
        - major pod rework

1.23    20150811
        - removed all traces of cache
        - dependency fixes
        - cleaned up POD
        - fixed typos and PPI var names
        - added POD for Engine and Prefilter
        - ./Build dist

1.20_01 20150723
        - engine framework in place
        - uses pre_proc, pre_filter and engine callbacks
        - callbacks can be sent in by user code
        - search uses optional regex
        - directory or file can be sent in
        - refined objects, they now have 'lines'
        - began making things more generic
        - can search/replace and inject code
        - can cache results in directory searching
        - countless bug fixes        

1.17    20150715
        - implemented PPI sub checking, much safer
        - removed the old _subs() that was not PPI-based
        - most everything is OO based now
        - all core parameters are set into $self through _config()
        - basic consolidation of error checking in _config()
        - extensive refactoring to make tests pass
        - separate out the module into its own file
        - bug 12 fix: new() now sets $self->{file} for use by other methods
        - bug 14 fix: add file validation: done in _config()
        - bug 13 fix: new() now accepts 'file' param
        - new test for 'search'
        - many other test additions/updates
        - test for ::Sub
        - test for _config() 

        To consider:
        - need to sort out esc/unescape for 'search'

1.11    20150714
        - fixed bug where only one line was being added for has_lines

1.10    20150714
        - added bool 'lines' param to has()
        -- returns hash of arrays of hashes
        - updated POD
        - new tests for has() (lines)

1.09    20150714
        - added module()
        -- return all subs found in a running module
        - cleaned up POD/Readme

1.07    20150630
        - added sublist()
        - similar to line_numbers(), but returns a list of
          objects that have start(), stop(), name() and count()

0.14    20150624
        - added line_numbers()
        - retrieves line numbers for the start and end of each

0.07    20120330
        - fixes bug 11
        - add new() method and allow object method calls

0.06    20120330
        - changed name of project from Devel::ExamineSubs
          to Devel::Examine::Subs

0.05    20120330
        - changed API to all public calls to use href params

0.02    20120330
        - added tests
        - dies() if number of params is not correct (consider
          changing this internally)
        - created repository on bitbucket

0.01    20120330 
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.