0.06 Monday 13th March, 2017
        Changed dependency from glib to glib-2.0 as glib 1.x has been
        Update tests to work on 5.8 and later, setting 5.8 as the
        earliest supported version.

0.05 Friday 19th September, 2003
	Fix the INIT/BEGIN thing correctly by adding resetting as an
	independant action

	Small speedup.  At every boundary check that PL_sv_count hasn't 
	changed.  There's potential for this to fuck up in the case where you
	free and create an SV in the same statement.  Never mind the 
	correctness, feel the speed.

0.04 Tuesday 15th July, 2003
	Port to Module::Build 0.19
	Couple of speedups in not doing quite as much mallocing - 25% then 2.3%

0.03 Wednesday 7th May, 2003
	Test suite fixes