0.09	9 November 2019

0.08    7 December 2012
        Fixed problem with other parameters than "maint" or "blead" being
        passed to the initial call of "perl Makefile.PL" as described by
        Justin Traer in https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=81354 .

0.07    12 June 2012
        Fixed additional problem with deeper source directories, which would
        cause the copies in blib to not be updated when they should.

0.06    12 June 2012
        Fixed problem with distributions that have more than one directory
        with module files.  Now also allows different number of source
        files to exist between maint and blead versions.  Some empty
        directories may get created in the process, but that doesn't feel
        like a real problem.

0.05    6 June 2012
        Integrated some remarks / notions from last nights's Amsterdam PM

0.04    4 June 2012
        Always exit with failure if there is an internal error (instead of
        useing -die-, which would get hidden by the eval).

0.03    4 June 2012
        Added support for "default" setting, so additional runs of Makefile.PL
        without code version, will keep using the one that was last seen.
        Made sure that we will never overwrite any files when switching
        between states.  Also added test-suite.

0.02    2 June 2012
        Fixed problem with "die" not exiting the script if called inside an
        eval.  Also made sure the line number mentioned is correct, when it
        is impossible to run "blead" on the version of perl given.

0.01    1 June 2012
        First version of Devel::MaintBlead.  No real tests yet.