Revision history for Perl extension Devel::StealthDebug.

0.001 Wed Jan 30 22:15:47 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21

0.002 Added show(), fixed many bugs (even more remaining though)

0.003 Polished a little bit the watch function

0.004 Mainly rewrote the doc

0.005 Wrote some tests

0.006 Add some more tests, fix some bugs

1.000 Renamed the module and thought to release it as the first public version

1.001 Tim BUNCE's special edition ;-)

      Implemented few suggestions, renamed some methods according to his 
	  comments on the modules list.
	  	show  -> dump
	  	wait  -> when
	  	print -> emit
	  	emit  -> emit_type
	  Added some tests.

	  And renamed this module (again) to its final name Devel::StealthDebug.

1.002 Yann KEHERVE's special edition (Yes, it's now a tradition)

		Thanks to his feedback, I 
	  Corrected some typos, completed the doc.
	  Corrected a bug with watch() under use strict.

1.003 Adam FOXSON's special edition

	  Modified the dump() function to display hash sorted by keys
	   (mainly to make t/dump.t consistent on different boxes)
	  Added the ENABLE feature on the use line (Idea from Tim Bunce, and
	  also asked by Yann...)

1.004	  Modified t/emit_type2.t to create file 'mydebug' in the test dir.
          (now remove it after the test)
1.005	  Corrected a bug in the test suite.

1.006 Daniel GARDNER's special edition

	  Who was kind enough to not only give me some (positive) feedback
	  but also submited some enhancements to the code :

	  	StealthDebug features are now disabled on commented line
		(#my $foo=10; #!emit($foo)!) to allow you to disable StealthDebug
		functions on large part of the code you've just commented out.

		'emit' feature received some extra DWIMess :
		namely the function is processed after the code beginning the line
		my $foo='hello'; #!emit("$foo world")!
		will now emit 'hello world' as most of you would expect...
		Same behaviour for 'dump' BUT NOT for 'assert'
		(this might change later as I'm not fixed yet)

1.007  Gerald RICHTER's special edition

	  Dedicated to another cool user, who use this module and additionally
	  suggest enhancements (and even send me the patch implementing them !)

	  'dump' has new features :
	  _ It can have multiple args.
	  _ The first arg can be an initial description
	  	( #!dump("Some text ", $foo, $bar)! )
	  _ It shows the variables names
	  _ It can uses Data::Dumper (to prevent a memory problem with circular references)
	    it's configurable via a DUMPER => 1 (otherwise the old "inhouse" dump 
		will still be used by default)
	  WARNING : The dump output has changed.  
	  (Tell me if you need the old output back)
	  The "inhouse" 'dump' output is sligtly different from the Data::Dumper one.
	  (mainly beccause I sort the hash keys to ensure consistency accross
	  different platform...)
	  Depending on the feedback I'll get, I'll modify this feature which
	  is far from being yet satisfying to me.

	  'carp' and 'croak' are also enhanced to display more info.

	  'watch' can now be used on already existing variable.

	  So once again big thanks to you Gerald.

	  I also tried to improve my testing-fu, so few test files were also

	  Now, correctly testing Data::Dumper::Dumper use 
	  (thanks to Eric Cholet and Philippe Bruhat)
	  So, hopefully, no more tests fail on t/dump_data_dumper.t