Revision history for Devel-cst

0.006     2014-02-06 02:19:52CET+0100 Europe/Amsterdam
          Preload debugging libraries
          Load cst earlier in test files

0.005     2013-05-19 19:21:40 Europe/Amsterdam
          Skip failing test harder on 5.18+

0.004     2012-10-29 18:05:37 Europe/Amsterdam
          Add PPPort
          Bring errors in line with psiginfo
          Allow debugger stacking
          Handle SIGABRT, SIGTRAP and SIGQUIT too

0.003     2012-09-29 21:37:00 Europe/Amsterdam
          Accept any kind of pointer stringification

0.002     2012-09-26 16:30:47 Europe/Amsterdam

          Disable need for DB::DB
          Skip signal handler in stacktrace
          Add tests for the debugger
          Set signal stack size to system default

0.001     2012-09-20 01:36:41 Europe/Amsterdam
          First version, released on an unsuspecting world.