26 Jan 2016 - v0.23
    * Right-click on a variable in the Code Pane to add it to the Watch Pane
    * Exit code is now displayed properly by the Program Terminated modal
        (Eli Lindsey)
    * Child processes listen on the parent process's port + 1, if available
    * Fix tests running with Devel::Chitin 0.06 which include 'callsite' in
        Location/stackframe objects
    * POD fixes

v0.22 - Skipped because of a packaging problem

15 Dec 2014 - v0.21001
    * Fix for running tests on machines with IPv6 enabled
    * Typo fix that prevented the WatchPoint module for getting loaded

12 Dec 2014 - v0.21
    * New feature: Add a watchpoint by enabling the checkbox next to a watched
        expression.  Execution will stop when its value changes.
    * The whole expression is now hilited when mousing over an array or hash
        element expression.
    * The stack tab pane is now scrollable.

18 Aug 2014 - v0.20001
    * Fix bug scrolling the current line into view
    * fix bug that was discarding keystrokes

16 Aug 2014 - v0.20
    * Back-end now uses a documented REST api
    * Added module to communicate with the api - Devel::hdb::Client
    * Rewritten GUI to use the REST api
    * Faster page loading when the stack is deep

1 July 2014 - v0.13
    * Extracted a module to transform a Perl data structure into a serializable
      format: Data::Transform::ExplicitMetadata
    * Fix a test that failed in Perl 5.21

4 Mar 2014 - v0.12
    * Extracted debugger infrastructure into a separate module: Devel::Chitin
    * Fix a bug when a difference is found in follow mode

31 Dec 2013 - v0.11
    * Documentation and typo fixes
    * Stack now shows wantarray-ness
    * Improved mouseover for hash keys
    * Bug fixes for scrolling code windows, editing breakpoints, debugging
        child processes

17 Oct 2013 - v0.10
    * Fix keybinding problems on multiple browsers
    * Fix rendering of HTML-like strings in code and data
    * Send tied values over the wire and render them on the web frontend
    * Fix undeclared test dependancy on WWW::Mechanize

23 May 2013 - v0.09
    * After a fork(), the always stop the parent process
    * Add key bindings similar to the command-line debugger
    * Sending v-strings and self-referential data structures over the wire now works
    * Improve test reliability

16 May 2013 - v0.08
    * Fix text overflow with the main program tab
    * Fix bug in the open-file picker

16 May 2013 - v0.07
    * Perl value serializer can now handle typeglobs
    * Opening additional code windows now works
    * Untrapped exceptions are now caught and shown in the GUI
    * Added trace/follow mode

4 Apr 2013 - v0.06
    * Hover-over-variable works for hash and array elements, and for (most)
      Perl special variables.
    * User is notified immediately after a fork(), rather than waiting until
      after the next user interaction
    * Fix for code pane rendering in Firefox

26 Mar 2013 - v0.05
    * When the debugged program forks, the user is notified and given the
      option to debug the child process in another window
    * Breakpoints can be saved and restored

21 Mar 2013 - v0.04
    * New breakpoint list view
    * Breakpoints and actions can be marked inactive without removing them

16 Mar 2013 - v0.03
    * Fix a bug where clicking on a line number would not set a breakpoint
    * Code panes are rendered smaller to fit more on the screen

15 Mar 2013 - v0.02
    * Hover over a variable to see its value.  Works for all stack frames.
    * Currently executing sub and its args are shown at the top of the code
    * The PerlValue serializer can now handle Regexp refs

9 Mar 2013 - v0.01
    * First Release
    * Single step, step over, step out, continue
    * Watch expressions