Revision history for Perl extension Devel::ptkdb.

1.1  Mon Dec  7 14:36:17 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

1.101 Tue Dec 15 16:00 1998

       Corrected POD document to change -d:ptkdb1048 to -d:ptkdb

       Removed Dead code for font specifications and tag configuration
       that is no longer used

       Broke up a chained call to Data::Dumper->Terse->Ident into 
       two separate calls to make it compatible with older versions
       of Data::Dumper


	Updated to changes above


	Fixed a conflict with 'qw' and perl 5.004.

        Fixed a warning issued with perl 5.004

        Corrected a problem with where using ptkdb for 
        debugging other ptk apps would cause 'grab' problems.

1.105   Fixed incorrect evaluation of $@ in expressions.
        Corrected some formatting issues with the POD section.

1.1052  Added a configuration option that allows users to change
        the packing arrangement of the code and notebook panes.  
        See POD section item:  PTKDB_CODE_SIDE

1.1059  Corrected a bug where vars in the dbval subroutine could eclipse
        vars that were in targe code