Revision history for Device-Chip-AVR_HVSP

0.04    2016/07/02 00:56:25
         * Renamed from Device::BusPirate::Chip::AVR_HVSP
         * Changed to implement Device::Chip interface

Previously, this distribution was called Device-BusPirate-Chip-AVR_HVSP

0.03    2015/01/10 21:59:32
         * Provide detailed information about fuses via
         * Rewritten to use new FuseInfo - allows it to work on
           other devices - ATtiny13, ATtiny85, ATtiny841
         * Install avr_hvsp as real 'bin' script

0.02    2014/11/01 15:56:45
         * Add signatures and memory sizes for 8-pin ATtiny parts
         * Neater memory information representation; allow caller to inspect
           details about memory
         * Enable POWER before AUX, allowing Vcc to settle before setting +12V
           on RESET

0.01    2014/09/29 01:22:00
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.