Changelog for Device-SMBus

1.15 2016-05-24T08:19:55
 - Bump Changes (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Fix non-deterministic destruction issue When the destruction method
   runs, it is possible for the file handle to already be closed (and set
   to undef), resulting in an error message. This validates that the file
   handle is defined before closing it. (Joel Maslak)

1.14 2016-04-07T05:49:32Z
 - fixing travis (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Test changes (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added Travis (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.13 2015-04-03T16:10:17Z
 - Switched from Moose to Moo to speed up things (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Adding Markdown file (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.12 2015-03-27T05:24:00Z
 - Linking to Device::SMBUS in Manual Desc (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.11 2015-03-25T06:53:48Z
 - Adding manual for writing i2c device drivers using Device::SMBus
   (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.10 2015-03-25T06:51:34Z
 - Adding manual for writing i2c device drivers using Device::SMBus
   (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.09 2015-03-23T06:43:51Z
 - dist.ini changes, added author website (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.08 2014-12-08T03:12:11Z
 - Modified POD documentation, added notes (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.07 2014-12-02T09:30:11Z
 - Fixed Spelling Errors, Added new words to stopwords (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - addding Changes (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Removed Changes from git repo to avoid dzil release issues (Shantanu
 - implemented readBlockData() (wfreller)
 - Fixes #3 Added return statements to the code to help peopl more used to
   seeing them (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.06 2013-12-30T05:18:20Z
 - v1.06 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - spelling fixes (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added more documentation, used mailmap to remove duplicates in
   contributors information, Thanks to git shortlog:
   (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - add writeBlockData method (Jonathan Stowe)

1.05 2013-12-08T15:07:21Z
 - v1.05 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - adding spelling stopwords (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Adding information for Angstrom Linux (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.04 2013-12-08T15:04:49Z
 - v1.04 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - including i2c-dev.h with the distribution to Avoid issues arising from
   missing file and the munged up implementation each linux distro makes
   with this file (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.03 2013-10-20T01:49:07Z
 - v1.03 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added more documentation (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.02 2013-10-16T05:13:47Z
 - v1.02 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Fixed Changes File to meet spec (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.01 2013-10-06T03:20:16Z
 - v1.01 (Shantanu Bhadoria)

1.00 2013-09-27T12:24:47Z
 - No changes found

0.11 2013-09-27T12:24:47Z
 - v0.11 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - minor changes (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.10 2013-09-27T12:23:43Z
 - v0.10 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - File Error catching logic (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.09 2013-09-12T09:29:26Z
 - v0.09 (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.08 2013-09-12T09:27:16Z
 - v0.08 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec (Neil Bowers)

0.07 2013-09-11T07:25:07Z
 - N Bytes (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - N Byte (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.06 2013-09-08T10:35:28Z
 - Switch from Moo to Moose to simplify my code (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.05 2013-09-08T10:19:53Z
 - Added a few more easy compatibly functions (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added remaining XS routines to the XS file (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.04 2013-09-08T07:39:57Z
 - Final Check on  byteData methods (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.03 2013-09-07T19:36:13Z
 - First Release with bare minumum function (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.02 2013-09-07T19:29:21Z
 - First Release with bare minumum function (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.01 2013-09-07T16:58:33Z
 - First Release with bare minumum function (Shantanu Bhadoria)