##-*- Mode: Change-Log; coding: utf-8; -*-
## Change log for perl distribution DiaColloDB

v0.12.017 Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:05:32 +0100 moocow
	* disabled null-query sanity checks in TDF ("no index documents(s) matched user query") if "fill" option is active
	  (used by diff profiles and list clients)
	* fixed attribute resolution bug in Client::list::ddcMeta()
	* fixed import snafu for DiaColloDB::threads::shared
	* fixed xkeys-like bug on physical subcorpus level for Relation::DDC
	  - workaround may generate multiple f2 queries using Cofreqs-style MSPA (most-specific-projected-attribute) strategy
	  - old code still in place, activated by setting the (onepass=>1) request option
	* re-implemented Relation::DDC::extend() - f2 acquisition only
	* fixed (cutoff=>0) override in list-client subcalls; now correctly disables cutoff pruning with (cutoff=>'')
	* added post-hoc 'fudge' for list-client multi-DDC profiles (avoid too many f2 items)

v0.12.016 Wed, 11 Mar 2020 14:05:15 +0100 moocow
	* added DiaColloDB::threads, DiaColloDB::threads::shared - attempt to wrap threads/forks support
	* updated $TDF_MGOOD_DEFAULT regex (added fields country|region|party|role)
	* added {s2gx} key to DiaColloDB::groupby() and TDF::groupby(): "safe" inverse stringification for extend()
	* fixed incorrect f12-acquisition bug for Client::list
	  - Relation::extend() now performs a full profile(), restricted to "missing" candidate keys
	  - DDC-mode list-client disable extend() support, always return full profiles (they're already stringified)
	  - removed Relation::DDC::extend() method (now just a no-op)
	* added support for direct list-client "ddcServer" option (dedicated metaserver, bypasses default list-client dispatch)
	* fixed incorrect f12-acquisition for TDF in PDL-Utils diacollo_cof_c_* methods (groupby metadata attributes only)
	  - old version was returning bogus data with (f12 > f1) due to unncessary embedded all-matching-docs loop (adnzi)
	* changed semantics of Client::list "fudge" option value "0" (zero)
	  - old: fudge maximized -> fetch all available results from all sub-clients (as for $fudge < 0)
	  - new: fudge disabled  -> fetch exactly $kbest results from all sub-clients (as for $fudge = 1)
	* changed Client::list 'logFork' option name to 'logThread'
	* improved passing down of command-line dcdb-query.perl options through Client::open() calls
	  - %opts were getting dropped in Client::file::open_file() call to open_rcfile()
	* added "extend" option to Profile::Multi::trim(), maps to slice-dependent "keep" option for each sub-profile
	* fixed precision/overflow error computing TDF "N" attribute during union() and create()
	  - was computed using $tdm->_vals->sum() --> float accumulator, 24-bit integer resolution -> max N=16M
	  - now computed using $tdm->_vals->dsum() --> double accumulator, 53-bit(?) integer resolution -> max N=18P
	* updated prerequisite DDC::Concordance >= v0.44, for $DDC::Client::JSON_BACKEND
	  - fixes JSON::XS breakdowns observed for threaded list-clients in DDC mode

v0.12.015 Wed, 04 Mar 2020 13:11:43 +0100 moocow
	* fix XS/cof-compile.h (un)signedness bug resulting in bogus indices from union
	  - un-collocated f1 components from temporary cof.udat were getting counted as i2=4294967295 == (uint32_t)-1

v0.12.014 Wed, 29 Jan 2020 09:40:17 +0100 moocow
	* yet another attempt to avoid "Attempt to reload XYZ.pm aborted." errors from cpantesters
	* require 'threads' in Makefile.PL PREREQ_PM, don't try to be clever about loading it at runtime
	  - unthreaded smokers still try to build, but choke on 'make test' (e.g. http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/ca7d17c4-432a-11ea-99fe-b031dbec7dbf)

v0.12.013 Tue, 28 Jan 2020 08:49:33 +0100 moocow
	* try to avoid "Attempt to reload XYZ.pm aborted." errors from cpantesters

v0.12.012 Mon, 27 Jan 2020 14:15:14 +0100 moocow
	* added DTA::CAB-style "find.hack" to avoid symlink-related ExtUtils::MakeMaker pancakes
	* added new class DiaColloDB::Corpus::Compiled - pre-compiled, pre-filtered corpora (JSON)
	  - added dcdb-corpus-compile.perl for corpus creation & union
	  - DiaColloDB::create() method now implicitly compiles temporary corpus if required
	  - corpus document parsing in parallel using threads module
	* added DiaColloDB::XS sub-module - fast XS/C++ implementations for compile-time operations
	  - requires OpenMP, only tested on linux/gcc, pure-perl fallbacks still in place
	* added global $DiaColloDB::NJOBS - number of parallel compile-time worker threads
	  - default=-1 uses all available cores, via DiaColloDB::Utils::nJobs()
	* factored out corpus content filters (stop/go-lists & -regexes) to new module DiaColloDB::Corpus::Filters
	  - use Exporter for backwards-compatibility
	* factored out DiaColloDB compile+create and import+export methods to DiaColloDB/methods/(compile|export).pm
	  - use (sort TMPFILE|cut) instead of (cut|sort -) for frequency filters in methods/compile.pm
	* added APPEND option to tmparray(), tmphash() - mostly useful for debugging
	* added DiaColloDB::Document::Storable subclass
	  - not really used: JSON is almost as fast, substantially smaller, and more portable
	* use threads instead of forks in Client::list (requires DDC::Any via DDC::PP or DDC::XS >= v0.23)
	  - renamed sentinel variable HAVE_FORKS->HAVE_THREADS
	* use temporary sort-file in Relation::TDF::create (parallel sort)
	* added thread- and XS-related options for dcdb-create.perl, dcdb-corpus-compile.perl
	  - "-jobs=NJOBS" : number of parallel jobs
	  - "-xs" / "-pp" : do/don't use XS implementations

v0.12.011 Tue, 16 Apr 2019 12:31:38 +0200 moocow
	* decode UTF-8 on dcdb-create.perl arguments
	* fixed deep recursion typo in Utils::file_timestamp()

v0.12.010 Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:31:29 +0100 moocow
	* fixed native query syntax regex parsing with ddcmode=-1 (fallback)

v0.12.009 Thu, 09 Nov 2017 12:40:16 +0100 moocow
	* fixed DDC::Any::Object::__dcvs_compile() fallback calls in Relation/TDF/Query.pm
	  - bogus parameter conventions were resulting in error messages
	    'Can't locate object method "toString" via package "DiaColloDB::Relation::TDF::Query"'
	    and 'no index term(s) matched user query' for simple WITH (&=) queries

v0.12.008 Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:02:11 +0200 moocow
	* trim perl-5.14 character set modifiers from qr()-stringified regexes
	  - including these breaks KWIC links, since DDC (PCRE) doesn't seem to support them
	* die early in dcdb-create.perl if we forgot to specify an -output

v0.12.007 Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:52:56 +0200 moocow
	* added allow_nonref JSON-ification option to list-client 'extend' sub-calls

v0.12.006 Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:00:09 +0200 moocow
	* Document/TCF.pm convenience hack to support embedded TEI header in DTA TCF exports

v0.12.005 Wed, 31 May 2017 12:29:58 +0200 moocow
	* Document/DDCTabs.pm fix for ddc_dump v2.1.x (updated DDC:BREAK format)

v0.12.004 Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:04:39 +0100 moocow
	* fix for extend() on list-URLs where all target attributes are missing from DB
	* removed some painful global debug code in Profile::Multi::trim()
	* made default eps=0 more consistent (dcdb-query.perl, DiaColloDB::profileOptions(), Profile::compile_xyz())
	* added Profile::compile_clean() method as workaround for infinite score values (JSON module inserts e.g. '-inf', but browser can't parse it)
	* added divide-by-zero checks to Profile::compile_SCORE() methods (for list URLs)
	* fixed list-client global trimming
	* added DiaColloDB::Client::dbOptions() hack to pass down logXYZ options through rcfile:// and list:// client-URLs

v0.12.003 Wed, 01 Mar 2017 15:47:02 +0100 moocow
	* fixed default match-id =2 in ddc groupby

v0.12.002 Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:44:04 +0100 moocow
	* fixed f1 acquisition bug when using DDC back-end for "macro-event" diffs using e.g. -groupby='[@constant]'

v0.12.001 Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:01:24 +0100 moocow
	* made profile parameter N dependent on epoch size (fixes mantis bug #17036)
	* adapted Profile::Multi::sumover() to heuristically guess whether to sum sub-profile N for diacollo <= v0.11 compatibility
	* reverse-order from DDC::PP Descendants() fixed in DDC::Concordance v0.33

v0.11.002 Wed, 30 Nov 2016 15:38:39 +0100 moocow
	* fixed bogus repsitory in Makefile.PL
	* fixed meta-attribute parsing "doc.ATTR", "doc.ATTR=VAL" for native query syntax
	* fixed buglet calling DDC::Any::Object::new() with temporary $1 argument (quote it to save it)
	* TODO: figure out why DDC::PP Descendants() returns in reverse order vs. DDC::XS::Descendants() (--> diacollo item tuple order)

v0.11.001 Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:14:18 +0200 moocow
	* added DiaColloDB::Relation::extend() and wrappers DiaColloDB::extend(), DiaColloDB::Client::extend()
	  - high-level interface to independent f2 acquisition, e.g. for list-clients
	  - DDC-relation extend() support still experimental: large batch queries can cause server to choke
	* fixed Client::list incorrect f2 acquisition bug
	* added support for parallel sub-client processing in Client::list (requires 'forks' module)
	* added dcdb-create.perl -lazy option for "lazy union" list-client creation
	* renamed 'mi' score function to more accurate 'milf'
	* added 'mi1' score function (raw PMI)
	  - not too useful without pre-filtered corpus: too sensitive to low-frequency outliers

v0.10.009 Thu, 25 Aug 2016 09:51:34 +0200 moocow
	* updated Tie::File::Indexed dependency to v0.08
	* updated DDC::Concordance dependency to v0.28

v0.10.008 Wed, 24 Aug 2016 14:12:21 +0200 moocow
	* merged in debugging changes from v0.10.004 debugging branch (_v0.10.004_0[123])
	  - conditionally enabled by new dcdb-create.perl -debug option
	* added Utils::fh_flush() and Utils::fh_reopen() methods
	  - fh_reopen() should simulate flush() even on systems which don't support flush()
	* updated Persistent subclasses to call fh_reopen() from their flush() methods:
	  - EnumFile(+FixedLen +FixedMap +MMap), MultiMapFile(+MMap), PackedFile(+MMap)

v0.10.007 Wed, 24 Aug 2016 08:59:10 +0200 moocow
	* removed "hard" pdl dependencies, moved to 'recommends'
	* fixed default option inheritance for dcdb-create.perl hash-valued options -tdf-option, -option
	* added use_ok(DiaColloDB::Upgrade) test: weird errors w/ DDC::Any
	* fixed import DiaColloDB::Utils::packsize() in Relation.pm
	* fixed native query-parsing for TDF, DDC relations
	  - direct ddc-parsing can be forced with "[QUERY]" or "(QUERY)"

v0.10.006 Mon, 11 Jul 2016 11:03:01 +0200 moocow
	* better version dependency for v5.10.0

v0.10.005 Thu, 07 Jul 2016 14:40:04 +0200 moocow
	* replaced DDC::XS query-parsing and -manipulation with DDC::Any from DDC::Concordance >= v0.25
	  - obviates troublesome Alien::DDC::Concordance dependency
	  - still only expected to run correctly on *NIX systems due to runtime calls to sort etc.
	* commented out DiaColloDB::create() debugging code from v0.10.004_01

v0.10.004_03 Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:43:49 +0200 moocow
	* added dcdb-create -nommap option: see if mmap use in VirtualBox/MacOS is causing errors

v0.10.004_02 2017-07-15 moocow
	* debugging test for PackedFile::MMap -- no joy

v0.10.004_01 Tue, 05 Jul 2016 09:27:52 +0200 moocow
	* debugging release for un-reproducible 'undefined value' errors on Birmingham data

v0.10.004 Tue, 28 Jun 2016 09:30:42 +0100 moocow
	* updated -nofilters option to dcdb-create.perl (alias -use-all-the-data, a la Mark Lauersdorf)
	* added DDCTabs 'foreign' option (-dO=foreign=1)
	* added (p|w|l)(good|bad)file options to DiaColloDB::create (stoplist files)

v0.10.003 Tue, 21 Jun 2016 15:37:23 +0200 moocow
	* added -subclient-option to dcdb-query.perl (common options for list:// sub-clients)
	* fixed stringification bug for ddc-diff queries introduced in v0.09.002
	  'Can't use string ("l") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at DiaColloDB/Relation.pm line 281.'

v0.10.002 Mon, 13 Jun 2016 15:51:42 +0200 moocow
	* native query syntax fix: identify CQOr queries and throw an error

v0.10.001 Thu, 12 May 2016 16:57:56 +0200 moocow
	* added -log-level option to dcdb-info.perl
	* removed dates from generic term-tuple vocabulary ("x-tuples" -> "t-tuples"), a la tdf relation
	* changed db structure for more efficient 2-pass Cofreqs queries (f2 bug-fix)
	  - Cofreqs now 3-level (id1 -> (date -> (id2->f)))
	  - Unigrams now 2-level (id1 -> (date -> f))
	  - Relation::subprofile1() and subprofile2() calling conventions changed
	  - changed temporary file format for "tokens.dat" used by DiaColloDB::create(): added dates
	* changed export text file formats
	  - Unigrams: added dates
	  - Cofreqs: added dates and un-collocated f1 lines
	  - "x-tuple" exports replaced by corresponding "t-tuple" exports xenum->tenum, ATTR_2x.*->ATTR_2t, etc.
	* added upgrade package v0_10_x2t
	  - added compatibility wrappers Compat::v0_09::* for transparent use of old indices
	* added auto-backup of changed files to upgrade framework
	  - upgraders are now instantiated as objects, not just packages: cache header & options
	* added DiaColloDB::Upgrade::Base::revert() method and -revert option to dcdb-upgrade.perl
	  - default implementation relies on subclass revert_created() and revert_updated() methods
	* added dcdb-upgrade.perl options -keep, -[no]backup
	* added DiaColloDB::Utils functions copyto(), moveto(), copyto_a(), cp_a()
	* added DiaColloDB::Persistent method-wrappers copyto(), moveto(), copyto_a()
	* added optimized PackedFile::MMap::bsearch() method
	  - for faster v0.10.x Cofreqs 'onepass' mode; still not as fast as v0.09.x 1-pass but it's incorrect anyways
	* removed unused methods Cofreqs::f1(), Cofreqs::f12()
	* removed obsolete method DiaColloDB::xidsByDate()
	* re-factored compatibility wrappers into DiaColloDB::Compat::vX_Y_Z::*

v0.09.004 Tue, 03 May 2016 14:03:13 +0200 moocow
	* devel only, no CPAN release
	* cofreqs (load|save)TextFh() idempotency tweaks for un-collocated f1
	* mmap optimization for Cofreqs::subprofile2(): ca. 26% improvement
	* PackedFile dump tweaks: better handling of non-singleton pack formats
	* added Utils::packsingle(): better check for singleton pack formats

v0.09.003 Wed, 27 Apr 2016 09:55:14 +0200 moocow
	* fixed 'undefined value in vec' warning in DiaColloDB/Relation.pm

v0.09.002 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 15:46:17 +0200 moocow
	* fixed comparison profile stringification for new pack()-encoded profiles,
	  regression for v0.09.001 "f2 bug" fix

v0.09.001 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 14:49:29 +0200 moocow
	* fixed double-counting f2 for multiple item1 targets with shared item2 collocates in Cofreqs::subprofile1() 1-pass mode
	* added auto-upgrade framework
	  - DiaColloDB::Upgrade - top-level API
	  - DiaColloDB::Upgrade::Base - subclass API & defaults
	  - added subclass ::v0_08_to_v0_09_multimap for v0.09.x multimap format change
	  - dcdb-upgrade.perl : top-level auto-upgrade script
	* added compatiblity mode for multimaps as DiaColloDB::MultiMapFile::v0_08
	* fixed -nokeep option to dcdb-create.perl
	* TDF union: avoid storage of non-persistent object keys qw(docmeta wdmfile logas reusedir)
	* TDF union: fixed 'bus error' resulting from attempt to mmap() temporary data beyond EOF
	  - arose in dta+dwds trying to include 'pnd' metadata only indexed in dta
	  - temporary PackedFile tdf.d/mvals_pnd.pf had no entries for dwds data (pnd not indexed)
	  - readPdlFile(...,Dims=>[$NC]) choked with 'bus error'
	* Client::list overhaul
	  - new default fudge=>10 should be safe (but rather expensive)
	  - re-factored Client::list::profile() and compare() methods
	* improved Client and Client::list documentation
	  - added "incorrect independent collocate frequencies" section to Client::list documentation
	  - milder form of this bug applies even to single native CoFreqs indices ("f2 bug", see below)
	* workaround for incorrect independent collocate frequency acquisition code in Cofreqs ("f2 bug")
	  - f2 were computed as marginals only over those (x1,x2,date) triples with f(x1,x2,date) > 0,
	    rather than over all (*,x2,date \in slice)
	  - result were in general underestimates of f2
	  - fix uses 2-pass acquisition strategy, ca. 10x slower for frequent targets (e.g. 'Mann')
	    ~ old subprofile() method refactored into subprofile1() and subprofile2()
	  - todo: possibly re-factor db structure to use tdf-style {tenum} rather than {xenum},
	    minimize group-key lookup & optimize for serial cofreqs dba2 file access
	  - added 'onepass' query option for fast, old, incorrect f2 frequency acquisition (Cofreqs only)

v0.08.006 Thu, 10 Mar 2016 16:52:19 +0100 moocow
	* added dbexport() support for TDF relations
	* allow option pass-through for Profile::Multi::compile()
	* fixed utf8 handling in TDF::qinfo() query templates

v0.08.005 Mon, 07 Mar 2016 10:02:12 +0100 moocow
	* fixed pod =encoding typo in Profile.pod
	* added 'verbose' option to Profile::(Multi)Diff::saveHtmlFile
	  - include sub-profile frequencies in diff html output, used by www wrappers if 'debug' flag is set.
	* updated module-list and installation sketch in README

v0.08.004 Fri, 04 Mar 2016 13:25:20 +0100 moocow
	* remove temporary PDL headers created by DiaColloDB::PackedFile::toPdl(), used by TDF::union()
	* fixed buggy Profile::trim() call on undefined (empty) profiles in Profile::Diff::pretrim()
	* updated PODs for command-line utilities
	* updated & improved API module documentation

v0.08.003 Fri, 26 Feb 2016 15:14:43 +0100 moocow
	* added missing PODs to MANIFEST
	* added more DiaColloDB::Document subclasses:
	  - DiaColloDB::Document::JSON - raw JSON dump
	  - DiaColloDB::Document::TCF - CLARIN-D TCF (attributes {w,p,l} only; metadata from abused <source> element)
	  - DiaColloDB::Document::TEI - basic TEI-like XML (flexible but slow)

v0.08.002 Tue, 23 Feb 2016 10:51:02 +0100 moocow
	* added Document::DDCTabs options trimGenre, trimAuthor
	* added explicit PDL dependency in CONFIGURE_REQUIRES + PREREQ_PM: try to be cpantesters-friendly (see RT bug #112321)
	* added manual check for PDL in Makefile.PL: disable PDL-Utils/ subdir build if PDL isn't installed

v0.08.001 Fri, 29 Jan 2016 12:35:44 +0100 moocow
	* added co-occurrence profiles over (term x document) frequency matrix via DiaColloDB::Relation::TDF
	  - requires PDL, PDL::CCS, etc.: should be safe to omit, only loaded on demand
	* re-worked compile-time filtering; new options to dcdb-create.perl:
            -tfmin TFMIN : minimum global term frequency, regardless of DATE component (default=5)
            -lfmin LFMIN : minimum global lemma frequency (default=5)
	  - prunes enums too, which keeps them smaller and speeds up access

v0.07.015 Wed, 04 Nov 2015 14:18:20 +0100 moocow
	* added mi3 profiles a la Rychlý (2008)
	* report log-log-likelihood scores (extra log() for better scaling)
	* singularity checking for log-likelihood computations

v0.07.014 Tue, 03 Nov 2015 11:42:26 +0100 moocow
	* added 1-sided log-likelihood ratio profiles a la Evert (2008)

v0.07.013 2015-11-02 12:52:56 +0100 moocow
	* fix for Profile::empty(): a profile is empty if it contains no collocates, even if it has nonzero f1

v0.07.012 Wed, 28 Oct 2015 13:04:20 +0100 moocow
	* omit {pgood},{pbad} restrictions in Relation::qinfoData()
	  - these are too expensive for large corpora, resulting in timeouts for KWIC-links

v0.07.011 Tue, 29 Sep 2015 09:10:33 +0200 moocow
	* require perl >= v5.10.0 (for // operator)

v0.07.010 2015-09-24  moocow
	* moved DDC dependency and include to new CPAN-friendly DDC::Concordance
	* updated README
	* distcheck fixes
	* fixed fill/trim/alignment bug in ddc-diff ('fill' option wasn't being properly honored)

v0.07.009 2015-08-03  moocow
	* relation-wise dbinfo
	  - merged -r 15066:15067 diacollo-0.07.006+vsem into DiaColloDB.pm, DiaColloDB/Relation.pm

v0.07.008 2015-07-31  moocow
	* honor {xdmin},{xdmax} in DiaColloDB::xidsByDate()
	  - fixes 'cannot align non-trivial multi-profiles of unequal size' bug in corpora with bogus dates (e.g. zeitungen)
	* ignore Makefile.old

v0.07.007 2015-07-23  moocow
	* merged -r15021:15022 branch diacollo-0.07.006+vsem into Relation/DDC.pm
	  - fix for e.g. author-profiles
	* allow ddc queries without primary targets (=1), for 'subcorpus comparison'
	* merged -r 15013:15014 diacollo-0.07.006+vsem into DDC.pm
	  - fixes for pseudo-corpus comparison

v0.07.006 2015-07-20  moocow
	* plots/*: pretty diff- and score-function plots
	* documented -diff option to dcdb-query.perl
	* Profile/Diff.pm pre-trimming tweaks, lavg fix
	* doc fixes; lf, lfm score-funcs
	* more diff documentation
	* added, documented -diff=OP option (adiff,diff,sum,min,max,avg,havg)

v0.07.005 2015-07-08  moocow
	* ddc groupby-request parsing tweak
	* groupby without token attributes
	* ddc tweak for groupby without a token field -- still not working (keys()-queries fail)

v0.07.004 2015-07-02  moocow
	* fixed bogus $DiaColloDB::MMCLASS = "DiaColloDB::MultiMapFile::MMap" (not yet written)
	* readme fixes
	* distribution, docs, readme, htmlifypods
	* fix mantis bug #804 : don't trim empty sub-profiles in diff mode

v0.07.003 2015-06-01  moocow
	* renamed 'local' profiling option to 'global' (for better web-wrapper transparency and defaults)

v0.07.002 2015-05-29  moocow
	* missing profile fix for diff (argh)
	* added misc/ddc-sample.txt: notes on #SAMPLE keyword
	* merged -r14464:HEAD diacollo-0.06+ddc intro trunk

v0.05.002 2015-04-23  moocow
	* reverted trunk to current state of diacollo-0.05.001-pre-vsem branch
	* benchmark -iters for dcdb-query.perl
	* started trying to add DocClassify-based DSem to DiaColloDB: stuck on questions of modularity
	* 'logwhich' option: log multiple sub-classes

v0.05.001 2015-03-24  moocow
	* EnumFile fixes for missing keys
	* EnumFile::Tied : tied interface to EnumFile
	  - EnumFile and friends (except for FixedLen::MMap) now allow in-memory cache to override file contents for i2s(), s2i()

v0.05 2015-03-23  moocow
	* more verbose union messages
	* added wvi-doc2terms.perl: not very encouraging
	* woe is me: additive term-identities don't look kosher with word2vec
	* work on topic-doc matrix (WAY TOO BIG  sentence-based model with k=200)
	* word2vec tweaks: a bit further along...
	* union tweaks
	* union() now uses temporary  objects to map attribute indices (ai2u, xi2u)
	  - should improve memory usage a bit
	  - individual maps are still loaded to memory on a per-db basis
	    (at most 1 at any time) in Cofreqs::union and Unigrams::union
	* stricter request handling (die on unsupported attributes)
	* groupby and generic requests working via web-wrapper
	  - thought: should we model the query language on ddc (maybe even
	    use DDC::XS or similar) for max compatibility?
	* updated MANIFEST
	* parseRequest() for user queries working
	* added {maxExpand} option to kludge memory-hogging queries
	* factored out parseRequest() from groupby()
	  + TODO: implement generic target query using parseRequest() rather than named parameters
	* dbinfo for http (add url), list, file, http
	* dbinfo, timestamp, disk usage
	* remove MYMETA.yml from svn; ignore some other stuff
	* EnumFile: more fixes for perl 5.18.2
	* more groupby fixes
	* attrs/groupby hack for shared arrays
	* removed 'use bytes' pragmas almost everywhere
	  - deprecated in perl 5.18.2 (ubuntu 14.04.1 / kira)
	  - workaround is to use utf8::encode() and length(), if needed on a temporary
	* delete empty records for test-check-enum
	* added test-check-enum.perl
	* buggy diacollo : taz

v0.04 2015-03-09  moocow
	* 'having' filters, wip
	* adopt xdmin,xdmax for union
	* use lib qw(lib) for update-header
	* merged -r r14008:14041 branch diacollo-0.03+attrs intro trunk : compile-time user-defined attributes

v0.03 2015-03-04  moocow
	* metadata parsing for Document/DDCTabs.pm
	* w2v test functionality now in w2v-compile.perl + w2v-query.perl
	* removed cofreqs debugging log stuff
	* utf8 parsing mode (improved filter regex matching)
	* removed generated Makefile from svn
	* tweaks for d* integration
	* added dump.mak from old Makefile r13904
	* export tweaks
	* cofreqs loading tweaks, timing
	* union tweaks and woes : seems basically working now
	* dump DiaColloDB::Persistent subclass files
	  - toArray(), fromArray() for PackedFile
	  - work-in-progress: DiaColloDB::union()
	* Client layer working and pretty much tested
	* dcdb-query.perl added to MANIFEST
	* added dcdb-query.perl : replaces dcdb-(profile|compare).perl
	* moved Client/Distributed.pm -> Client/list.pm

v0.02 2015-02-24  moocow
	* DiaColloDB/Client/Distributed.pm: error pass-through
	* distributed client stuff
	  - functionality is basically in place, but NOT CORRECT
	  - getting (fudge*k)-best items from sub-corpora wonks up the
	  results (e.g. 'gnädig' doesn't appear for Mann vs Frau in
	  distributed kern), other frequencies and scores are off too
	* Diff improvements: trimming via absolute value, add() support
	* utf8 tweaks
	* DiaColloDB::compare(): basically working ("diff" profiles)

v0.01 2015-02-20  moocow
	* initial version