Revision history for Perl extension Digest::JHash.

0.09    2015-05-30
    - Convert to Dist-Zilla.
        - This implies several enhancements including links to the VCS
        repositories in META.yml/META.json.

0.08    2014-01-27
    - Add a minimal version on perl-5.8.0.
        - For CPANTS Kwalitee.
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t
    - Add a LICENSE file (for CPANTS Kwalitee).

0.07    2010-09-04
    - Got rid of the SIGNATURE file which was out-of-date.

0.06    2010-07-26
    - Reuploading to get rid of the world-writable files and directories
    in the archive.

0.05    2008-06-06
    - Patched to make algorithm compatible with unwanted 64 bit int in U32

0.04    2008-06-04
    - Moved developer only tests kwalitee.t and spelling.t to misc/ to
      stop kwalitee from demanding they be listed as build pre-reqs in META.yml

0.03    2008-06-04
    - Repackaged into Kwalitee compliant package

0.02    2003-04-07
    - Changed untar dir structure to standard one
    - Modified @EXPORT_OK so jhash() function can be exported on demand
    - A small clean up to handle undef and null string input cases
    - Added tests for the undef and null string input cases
    - finished POD
    - Added speed note to pod and demo script to misc/
    - Added DEBUG const to C code for conveneience and to conform
      with coding conventions of PHB
    - Cleaned up Makefile.PL to minimal case

0.01    2003-04-06
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -An Digest::JHash