Revision history for Perl extension Directory::Scanner

0.04 2018-03-02
    - switch to use `parent`, `roles` and `slots` pragmas
      instead of doing it longhand

0.03 2018-01-29
    - major re-arrangement of the internals for building
      a stream, there is no longer an endpoint called
      `stream` which you must call before things are
      usable, instead things are just always usable.
    - removed the `stream` method from `Directory::Scanner`
    - moved all the builder methods from `Directory::Scanner`
      to `Directory::Scanner::API::Stream` instead, so that
      you can always wrap/mutate your stream if you like.

0.02 2017-10-10
    - added docs
    - added META.json (thanks Mohammad S Anwar)
    - added perl version information to Makefile.PL

0.01 2017-10-09
    - Initial release to an unsuspecting world