Changelog for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ChangelogFromGit-CPAN-Changes

0.0.15 2015-01-18T06:02:39Z
 - explicitly define prereq on Path::Class (Doug Bell)

0.0.14_01 2014-06-04T06:07:07Z
 - [gh#14] Try to munge git version, leave debugging in to see what
   CPANtesters finds (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.14 2014-06-04T06:07:07Z
 - gh#15. If author and subject are not tagged utf8, try decoding (Ioan
 - gh#14. Remove debugging output for git version parsing (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.13 2014-05-29T03:43:56Z
 - require perl 5.10.1 rather than the non-existent 5.10.2 (Jakob Voss)

 - Disable Test::NoTabs until I can be bothered to work how to stop it
   checking a .tar.gz (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.12 2014-03-03T12:26:15Z
 - Fixed prereqs

 - Allow 'semantic' or 'decimal' as args to tag_regexp. Closes #10 (Ioan

0.0.11 2014-03-02T07:12:44Z
 - Fixed incorrect log method (Ioan Rogers)
 - Don't try to 'use-mailmap' for git < 1.8.2. Closes #12 (Ioan Rogers)

 - Use my dzil plugin bundle (Ioan Rogers)
 - Log the tag_regexp being used when debugging (Ioan Rogers)
 - Added some tests, Closes #7 (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.10 2014-02-23T00:57:09Z
 - square parens makes CPAN::Changes think author is group. Change to().
   Closes #11. Thanks @tobyink for reporting (Ioan Rogers)
 - don't try to show author when there are no commits (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.9 2014-02-21T09:40:43Z
 - Fix calling each and values with a hashref on perls < 5.14 (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.8 2014-02-21T05:50:05Z
 - Fixed prereqs (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.7 2014-02-21T05:41:38Z
 - Always ignore tags predating latest in changelog (Ioan Rogers)
 - When doing test runs there may be no commits so add a placeholder entry
 - (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.6 2014-02-20T02:49:23Z
 - Allow manually editing changelog before release. Closes #4. (Ioan
 - No longer subclass DZP::ChangelogFromGit. Closes #2. (Ioan Rogers)

0.0.5 2013-11-30T05:51:37Z
 - prevent hanging on Windows (Alexandr Ciornii)
 - (Feature) Create CPAN::Changes compliant version numbers from
   non-compliant git tags. Closes #6 (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.0.4 2013-09-06T08:39:23Z
 - Add an option to omit authors (Jakob Voss)
 - (Closes #1) Get HEAD version from Git::Tag if available. Thanks to
   @jddurand for reporting (Ioan Rogers)
 - Default to omitting author email. Don't group by author, instead add
   name to end of message. (Ioan Rogers)