Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CheckChangeLog

0.05    2017-08-29
        - fix warnings and code for new Dist-Zilla

0.04    2017-07-05
        - hidden from PAUSE

0.03    2016-07-06
        - Become an AfterBuild plugin instead of a InstallTool plugin
        - Don't use Moose::Autobox in an effort to keep lean
        - Remove default value of empty string for filename attr
        - Rename check_file_for_version to has_version
        - Only search within the root of the dist and only look for files
          named change, changes, or changelog (case insenstive)
        - Added test suites and corpus for test suites
        - Log messages vs printing to STDOUT
        - Better error messages
        - Revise description
        - Add documentation about file name conventions
        - Tidy up
        - Add .travis.yml CI with github


0.02    2014-12-16
        fix Prereqs with Moose::Autobox

0.01    2009.5.19
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.