Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CheckSelfDependency

0.011     2015-03-29 23:28:45Z
          - now using Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata to use a cached object
            for efficiency

0.010     2015-01-03 20:48:28Z
          - bump Module::Metdata prereq for $VERSION parsing (RT#101095)

0.009     2014-12-03 02:07:51Z
          - increase minimum required version of CPAN::Meta::Prereqs (broken
            in 0.008)

0.008     2014-11-15 08:34:49Z
          - drop prereq requirement on Dist::Zilla 5.x
          - check against the version being required, not just the module,
            when this is relevant (for develop prereqs)

0.007     2014-01-25 03:20:52Z
          - now using a filefinder to find all modules to check -- now only
            checking files in lib/ by default

0.006     2013-12-07 22:27:04Z
          - now also checking for develop prereqs, that aren't listed in
            'provides' metadata

0.005     2013-10-26 01:31:06Z
          - set minimum version prereq for Module::Metadata

0.004     2013-10-24 04:17:27Z
          - fixes for Dist::Zilla 5.x, where we need to set the binmode on the
            fh before opening to the encoded content (we are still compatible
            with older Dist::Zilla as well)

0.003     2013-10-18 01:13:36Z
          - properly handle .pm files that don't exist on disk yet (e.g.

0.002     2013-10-17 02:58:11Z
          - skip checking develop prereqs, (it is not horrible for a plugin or
            bundle to list itself as a develop prereq)

0.001     2013-10-14 02:15:52Z
          - Initial release.