0.19    2016-08-20

- Don't rely on '.' being in the current @INC in the code added to a distro's
  Makefile.PL or Build.PL. Reported by Graham Knop. GitHub #7.

0.18    2016-02-27

- The previous release didn't have any Pod. Fixed by Karen Etheridge a while
  back but for some reason I never did a release.

0.17    2014-12-21

- Removed the use of autobox, following Dist::Zilla's lead. Patch by Karen
  Etheridge. GitHub PR #4.

0.16    2014-09-03

- Add a hint for [SurgicalPodWeaver] so it does not try to modify the file (no
  longer possible since version 0.15). Patch by Karen Etheridge. GitHub PR #3.

- Repository moved to the github moose organization.

0.15    2014-08-31

- Generate the Conflicts module as a FromCode file, so its content is not
  calculated until after prereqs are available: restores the -also section
  lost in version 0.09. Patch by Karen Etheridge. GitHub PR #2.

- The generated files now include comments indicating what version of this
  plugin was used to generate them.  Patch by Karen Etheridge. GitHub PR #1.

0.14    2014-04-06

- Same as 0.13001

0.13001 2014-04-06 (TRIAL RELEASE)

- Fixed the x_breaks metadata to properly indicate the problematic version
  range. Patch by Karen Etheridge. RT #94467.

0.13    2013-08-25

- MetaCPAN was picking up the "# ABSTRACT" line in the conflicts module

- Removed some incorrect docs left over from 0.11

0.12    2013-08-25

- Fix bad conflicts entries added to metaspec (Karen is very sorry!), broken
  in v0.11. Sort of resolves RT #87123.

0.11    2013-07-22

- This plugin now adds conflicts type entries to the distro's Meta
  information, per the CPAN meta spec. Patch by Karen Etheridge. RT #87123.

0.10    2013-06-07

- The x_conflicts key added to the META.* files has now been renamed to
  x_breaks, per the Lancaster Consensus of 2013

- The generated check_conflicts sub added to the Makefile.PL or Build.PL file
  determine whether or not it should sleep for a few seconds so its message
  can be read. These env vars also come from the Lancaster Consensus.

0.09    2013-03-31

- If the plugin is run before a Makefile.PL or Build.PL can be generated, a
  fatal error is thrown. RT#80271. (Karen Etheridge)

- The files this plugin generates are now added early enough to be seen by any
  FileMunger plugins. However, the PkgVersion plugin still skips the generated
  *::Conflicts module because the package name of the generated module is
  intentionally hidden from PAUSE.

- Added an ABSTRACT to the generated module.

0.08    2011-07-22

- Add Dist::CheckConflicts to both configures and runtime dependency lists for
  modules which use this plugin.

0.07    2011-01-27

- Fix module name in pod.

- Add a dep on Dist::CheckConflicts 0.02 to modules which use this plugin (not

0.06    2011-01-16

- The dist.ini wouldn't load if a -script wasn't defined in the Conflicts
  config section.

0.05    2011-01-03

- The conflict warning added to your Makefile.PL or Build.PL now mentions the
  generated script if you ask for one to be generated. (Jesse Luehrs)

- No -also will be passed to Dist::CheckConflicts if you don't have
  dependencies. (Jesse Luehrs)

- Require Dist::CheckConflicts 0.02, which has better -also handling.

0.04    2010-12-31

- In the generated conflict module, all of the distro's runtime prereqs are
  passed in the -also parameter to Dist::CheckConflicts.

0.03    2010-12-31

- Added support for a -script config key, which tells this plugin to generate
  a script of the given name that lists conflicts. (Jesse Luehrs)

0.02    2010-11-22

- This module loaded Test::ConsistentVersion, which it wasn't actually using.

0.01    2010-11-22

- Initial release