Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-DualLife

0.07      2016-08-14 00:19:09Z
          - fix tests that break with older [MakeMaker] that did not create
            Makefile.PL at file gathering time

0.06      2016-08-10 20:47:46Z
          - Makefile.PL is now processed at filemunging time, by inserting
            content into pre-processed template: this allows other plugins to
            see the full file content earlier, and properly respects the
            purpose of each dzil phase.
          - all modules in the distribution are now checked in
            Module::CoreList, as they may have different entered_core versions
            (e.g. autodie, Fatal)

0.05      2015-08-03 02:46:08Z
          - use Module::Metadata to extract the package name of the main
            module, rather than deriving it from the distribution name
          - bump prereq on Module::CoreList, to ensure it is new enough to be
            aware of all relevant core releases
          - fix checks for module not being dual-lifed at all
          - configuration variables are now included in distribution metadata

0.04      2014-11-02 19:42:43Z
          - do nothing if the version the module entered core is late enough
            that no special action is needed
          - calculate 'entered_core' parameter from Module::CoreList, rather
            than assuming 5.009005
          - build fails if module is not dual-life at all

0.03      2013-08-30 16:20:05Z
          - Document entered_core (David Golden).
          - Add support for distributions bundled with ExtUtils::MakeMaker
            (David Golden).

0.02      2013-07-10 13:37:01Z
          - Make the version the module first entered the core configurable
            (David Golden).

0.01      2010-12-15 18:03:13Z
          - Initial release.