Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-DynamicPrereqs

0.009     2014-11-29 06:28:55Z
          - bump minimum required version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, to avoid a
            mess in MYMETA.json during testing

0.008     2014-10-08 04:44:15Z
          - fix uninitialized warning on 5.10.x and earlier

0.007     2014-09-18 05:26:51Z
          - new '-delimiter' option, which allows the use of leading whitespace in
            '-raw' strings

0.006     2014-09-06 08:44:46Z
          - no longer dropping the last character off Makefile.PL (significant
            when several copies of this plugin run at once!)

0.005     2014-06-16 00:18:15Z
          - fix case where Makefile.PL content was not recognized when there
            were no (static) prequisites declared for the distribution

0.004     2014-05-19 05:15:36Z
          - fix tests that fail with older ExtUtils::MakeMaker due two stupid
            typos that conspired together in a web of evil

0.003     2014-05-17 17:11:46Z
          - really fix tests this time...
          - new runtime check for versions of [MakeMaker::Awesome] that are
            too old to be compatible with the munging done in this plugin

0.002     2014-05-13 05:03:02Z
          - fix tests that fail when ExtUtils::MakeMaker is at version 6.63_02
            or older

0.001     2014-05-10 23:04:10Z
          - Initial release.