Revision history for Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::DescribeVersion

1.004     2012-08-18T18:30:29Z

  - Clarify in the Pod that this plugin was designed for use with manual
    two-part version tags (v1.2 => v1.2.34)
    (and threfore not desgined to work with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Tag).
    Thanks to Matthew Astley for helping straighten this out (rt-71626).

1.003     2011-07-14T23:46:03Z

  - Remove unused namespace::autoclean prereq
  - Documentation improvements
  - Superficial dist/release changes

1.001011  2010-12-17T04:26:42Z

  - use Module::Build for installation
  - Documentation/dist meta improvements

1.001005  2010-12-10T19:29:47Z

  - Add test script for provide_version()
  - Documentation/dist meta improvements

1.000010  2010-12-07T21:07:19Z

  - Documentation/dist meta improvements

0.007006  2010-11-17T16:22:34Z

  - Initial release after being separated from Git-DescribeVersion dist

0.006012  2010-11-15T13:27:00Z

  - Initial non-development release to CPAN (in Git-DescribeVersion dist)

0.004008  2010-10-24T22:09:00Z

  - Initial  (development)  release to CPAN (in Git-DescribeVersion dist)