Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-InsertExample-FromMojoTemplates

0.0301 2016-01-25T15:52:05Z UTC
 [Other Changes]
 - Deprecated.
 - Rebuilt with current Dist::Iller::Config::Author::CSSON.

 - namespace::sweep changed to namespace::autoclean.

0.0300 Unreleased
 - Version format change.

0.02.01 2014-09-18T21:22:43Z CEST
 - Fix missing prereqs.

0.02.00 2014-09-10T19:05:54Z CEST
 - Fix name typos

 - Now requires MojoX::CustomTemplateFileParser 0.09

 [New Features]
 - Support for including all tests marked as 'example' in the source file.
 - Two new attributes: make_examples (boolean) and example_directory
 - These are used to create html files in the chosen folder

0.01.01 2014-09-09T13:01:50Z CEST
 - Fix wrong dist name

0.01.00 2014-09-08T23:07:10Z CEST
 - Initial release

0.00.00 2014-09-08T14:55:39Z CEST
 - Before release