Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OptionalFeature

0.023     2016-03-16 18:45:08Z
          - fix test failure with [DynamicPrereqs] version 0.020

0.022     2016-02-10 04:58:42Z
          - simplify the prompting code with new sugar in [DynamicPrereqs]
          - new -always_suggest option (defaulting to true), to insert
            optional prerequisites into the suggests prereqs for the
          - -load_prereqs option has been renamed to -check_prereqs, now that
            we use static analysis rather than loading the module to check if
            it is available

0.021     2015-03-05 04:41:16Z
          - Incorporate some minor documentation improvements based on annocpan
          - before prompting the user regarding the feature(s), first ensure
            the resulting prereqs are not already installed; toggled by the
            -load_prereqs option, defaults to true (thanks for the idea,
            Alberto Simões!)

0.020     2014-11-29 04:53:50Z
          - when setting up prompting in Makefile.PL for multiple optional
            features, control all prompts from one master plugin to ensure the
            prompt order remains as desired

0.019     2014-11-22 07:35:51Z
          - make the -description option mandatory, for more readable prompt
          - prompt with just the description, as the feature name is usually
            very confusing for the user
          - handle funky characters in the feature description and other

0.018     2014-11-01 03:21:38Z
          - temporarily disable a test that relies on CPAN::Meta::Merge
            behaviour that does not yet exist

0.017     2014-09-19 06:16:11Z
          - new -prompt feature (enabled by default for 'required' feature
            prereqs), which interactively prompts the user about the feature

0.016     2014-09-06 22:39:49Z
          - now *properly* allowing unrecognized options (0.015)

0.015     2014-09-06 07:46:34Z
          - now allowing unrecognized options, with a warning, rather than
            dying (allows proactively releasing distributions using
            not-yet-implemented options)

0.014     2014-05-18 05:04:39Z
          - fix examples to use working code, that doesn't violate naming
            constraints for features (RT#94130)

0.013     2014-02-19 03:48:35Z
          - bump the prereq on JSON::Any, to ensure we know how to handle
            JSON::XS 3.x

0.012     2014-01-29 04:09:38Z
          - report more installed versions, as an attempt to debug some odd
            cpantesters failures

0.011     2014-01-21 04:10:42Z
          - new -require_develop option (which has always defaulted to true)

0.010     2014-01-18 22:01:56Z
          - fix config section in generated metadata that was not

0.009     2014-01-18 20:41:13Z
          - include our full config data in target dist's metadata

0.008     2013-11-30 17:26:03Z
          - re-release to fix compile test

0.007     2013-09-11 05:03:52Z
          - warnings tests bypassed during installation

0.006     2013-09-08 17:53:53Z
          - add test requirement on the minimal Config::MVP needed to handle
            an edge case that we test our handling of
          - new EXPERIMENTAL -default config option, instructing CPAN clients
            to install the features when running non-interactively

0.005     2013-09-02 23:53:12Z
          - no longer setting dynamic_config => 1 -- it is generally the CPAN
            client that interrogates the user, not Makefile.PL/Build.PL
          - detect invalid syntax in feature name (e.g. spaces are not
            permitted), in case the dist isn't validating its metadata syntax

0.004     2013-07-30 00:29:20Z
          - now setting dynamic_config => 1 in metadata, as directed in

0.003     2013-07-18 17:35:20Z
          - a use of $` has been replaced with ${^PREMATCH}, which requires perl
            5.9.5 (RT#86989)

0.002     2013-07-17 05:31:11Z
          - name, description, and always_recommend options are now prefaced
            with dashes, just like -phase and -relationship (to avoid naming

0.001     2013-07-17 04:24:19Z
          - Initial release.