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Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReadmeAnyFromPod

0.141760  2014-06-25 01:13:06PDT-0700 America/Los_Angeles
    - Load some modules dynamically only when they are used
    - Eliminate implicit dependency on specific version of Path::Class
    - Minor documentation updates

0.141120  2014-04-22 15:35:30 America/Los_Angeles
    - Adjust tests for change in Pod::Markdown output

0.133360  2013-12-02 01:09:18 America/Los_Angeles
    - Require the appropriate version of Path::Tiny

0.133290  2013-11-24 22:12:39 America/Los_Angeles
    - First real release compatible with dzil v5

0.133060  2013-11-02 16:56:50 America/Los_Angeles
    - Add a test for non-utf8 encoded input.

0.133030  2013-10-30 00:53:24 America/Los_Angeles
    - Require Pod::Simple version 3.23 for parse_characters

0.133000  2013-10-27 14:12:47 America/Los_Angeles
    - Fix handling of case where readme contents are regenerated after the
      source .pm is altered after we initially looked at it

0.132970  2013-10-24 12:11:46 America/Los_Angeles
    - Module now works with both Dist::Zilla version 5.X and up (which
      hanldes file encodings) and Dist::Zilla version 4.X and below
      (with no special handling of file encodings at all). This is a
      potential regression for users of Dist::Zilla 4.X, since
      previously this module made some poor attempts at handling
      encoding. If you need correct handling of file encodings, you
      should upgrade Dist::Zilla to version 5.

0.132973  2013-10-23 17:15:29 America/Los_Angeles
    - now using FileGatherer, FileMunger and AfterBuild phases rather than

0.132962  2013-10-23 15:45:36 America/Los_Angeles
    - Now compatible *only* with Dist::Zilla version 5 and up
    - Add test for excluding root README files from build

0.131500  2013-05-30 02:03:44 America/Los_Angeles
    - Allow source POD to come from somewhere other than the main
      module (contributed by Hercynium)

0.120120  2012-01-11 22:41:25 PST8PDT
    - Slight improvement to log messages for file overrides
    - Added more tests

0.120053  2012-01-05 13:42:35 PST8PDT
    - Option autodetection now works better. In particular, it now
      works when the plugin is used as part of a bundle.

0.120052  2012-01-05 11:07:05 PST8PDT
    - Added a test to make sure \r characters never appear in any

0.120051  2012-01-04 23:42:29 PST8PDT
    - Prevent perl from adding \r characters on win32 by writing files
      in binmode. This ensures that the same output is produced on all
      platforms. (contributed by MITHALDU)
    - Prevent modules in corpus directory from being indexed.

0.120040  2012-01-04 11:12:47 PST8PDT
    - Now supports parsing options from given plugin name
    - Added tests, which should all pass

0.103522  2010-12-18 12:44:44 EST5EDT
    - Updated abstract to be more descriptive

0.103521  2010-12-18 00:01:23 EST5EDT
    - Added html format

    - Prune files with location = root, so they don't sneak back into
      the dist via GatherDir.

0.103520  2010-12-17 22:51:34 EST5EDT
    - Added the ability to sepcify file name and format. Support for
      three formats included: plaintext, markdown, and pod.
    - Initial release after forking from ReadmeFromPod. This module
      remains backward-compatible.

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