Revision history for Perl extension Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Repository

0.24    2018-12-20
        Auto generate minimum perl version as suggested by CPANTS. (manwar)

0.23    2018-06-18
        Added missing prereq Moose as suggested by CPANTS. #8 (manwar)

0.22    2018-06-18
        Create correct metadata with only a repository (waterkip)

0.21    2017-08-29
        Make web URI's possible for gitlab and bitbucket (waterkip)

0.20    2013-02-25
        $ENV{LC_ALL} = "C"; from jquelin

0.19    2012.10.17
        Use https:// URLs for Github. (DOLMEN)

0.18    2011.04.23
        Match github urls using git: http: or https: schemes (magnificent-tears)

0.17    2011.01.06
        Guard against invalid github remote (dagolden)
        Guard tests against a user's ~/.svk directory (dagolden)

0.16    2010.11.11
        detect repository type even if unable to determine URL (cjm)

        deprecate github_http.  It now defaults to false, warns if
        it's turned on, and works by deleting the "url" key. (cjm)

        If you want to show a link to the Github
        repository browser, leave github_http false and use the
        MetaJSON plugin.  The CPAN Meta 2 standard allows for links to
        both the git clone URL and a web front-end.  You can continue
        to use the MetaYAML plugin to provide a v1.4 META.yml for
        CPAN clients that don't yet handle the v2 standard.

0.15    2010.11.05
        better Meta 2 support: added type & web attrs (cjm)

0.14    2010.09.01
        make repository attr, lazy, changeable (Sawyer X)

0.13    2010.05.19
        bare minimum change for META 2 generation (rjbs)

0.12    2010.05.03
        make filtering github urls to http configurable (doy)

0.11    2009.09.26
        fix POD

0.10    2009.09.26
        git_remote attribute (madsen)

0.09    2009.08.10
        Change private googlecode repository url to the public one (Moritz Onken)

0.08    2009.05.14
        Added Mercurial support From Module-Install-Repository-0.05

0.07    2009.05.13
        fix use of git-remote show to work offline (rjbs)

0.06    2009.05.11
        fix version, fix authors

0.02    2009.04.21
        use http instead of git for

0.01    2009.04.20
        a start