Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Run

0.043     2016-02-15 04:20:20Z
  - new [Run::BeforeArchive] plugin

0.042     2015-08-04 03:44:33Z
  - properly chomp carriage returns from output on MSWin32

0.041     2015-08-03 02:18:18Z
  - fix logic used for extra diagnostics during quiet fatal errors (0.040)

0.040     2015-08-02 02:20:25Z
  - drop use of Path::Class, when Dist::Zilla is new enough
  - if a dying command causes the build to fail and the command diagnostics
    were not shown, show them before dying, to aid debugging

0.039     2015-06-18 05:59:06Z
  - fix test failures when using a perl with whitespace in its path
  - document the execution order of the various command options
  - guard plugin variables from leaking into the eval string's scope

0.038     2015-05-22 04:01:27Z
  - new 'quiet' configuration option

0.037     2015-05-14 07:04:34Z
  - resolve failures on Dist::Zilla 5.035 caused by the release_status code
    still being in flux at that time

0.036     2015-05-08 21:48:32Z
  - fix unintended consequence of changes in Dist::Zilla 5.035 where asking
    for the distribution's trial status might cause other plugins to run
  - prevent tests from failing when TRIAL or RELEASE_STATUS is set in the

0.035     2015-03-31 03:09:04Z
  - fix tests to avoid setting a newly-immutable config variable directly
    (David Golden, PR#11)

0.034     2015-02-09 04:56:26Z
  - better [Run::Clean] implementation that does not run afoul of MSWin32's
    poor garbage collection habits

0.033     2015-02-07 23:18:03Z
  - new [Run::Clean] plugin

0.032     2015-01-13 21:42:01Z
  - work around test failures with OSX system perl (RT#101483; see also
    perldoc perlmacosx)

0.031     2015-01-13 02:18:53Z
  - switch to using $^X for %x, rather than $Config{perlpath}, to avoid
    mismatches for OSX system perl (RT#101483)

0.030     2015-01-10 21:04:59Z
  - fix failures in new fatal_errors test on MSWin32 by avoiding executing

0.029     2015-01-05 01:59:05Z
  - added new "fatal_errors" option (defaults to true, as always)

0.028     2014-11-24 02:35:12Z
  - now properly evaluating formatting codes inside 'eval' lines

0.027     2014-11-12 01:41:50Z
  - new formatter code added: "%t", for indicating a trial release (PR#9,
    Thomas Sibley)

0.026     2014-09-06 06:42:06Z
  - all test reports are green! release the hounds!

0.025     2014-08-18 03:36:32Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fix use of path separator in test to avoid more failures on MSWin32
  - fix use of :crlf mode in test to avoid yet more failures on MSWin32

0.024     2014-08-16 00:36:01Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fix use of path separator in test to avoid failure on MSWin32
  - new "eval" option, for executing Perl code

0.023     2014-08-06 05:33:20Z
  - convert uses of Path::Class to Path::Tiny
  - dump config into metadata when [MetaConfig] used, but the
    'censor_commands' option can be used to avoid this

0.022     2014-07-24 15:36:32Z
  - more complete metadata and author tests

0.021     2014-02-23 23:31:47Z
  - Lazy load runtime dependencies. Thanks Olivier Mengué!
  - unroll author pluginbundle, to remove some unneeded and broken

0.020     2013-04-21 00:02:21Z
  - Switching to [@Author::GETTY] dzil bundle
  - Adding .travis.yml for travis-ci

0.019     2013-04-15 14:52:25Z
  - Delay evaluation of some vars (like dist version) until needed.
    Thanks, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa!

0.018     2013-03-02 17:46:39Z
  - Added new options, cleaned up documentation

0.017     2013-02-17 04:20:54Z
  - Fix silly bug in tests for non-unix platforms

0.016     2013-02-13 14:49:47Z
  - Add 'run_no_trial' option for running commands
    only when it is not a trial build/release.

0.015     2013-02-04 00:25:50Z
  - Copy examples for all runners to Synposis on main page

0.014     2013-01-19 03:21:24Z
  - Add Run::AfterMint plugin for running commands after making a new dist.

0.013     2011-11-09 13:23:08Z
  - Fix Pod spelling error pointed out by Debian Perl Group (rt-72278).

0.012     2011-11-06 00:30:03Z
  - Add '%x' for perl path (similar to $^X)
  - Use strict and warnings in each module
  - Test fixes

0.011     2011-10-28 15:25:04Z
  - Explicitly stringify '%a' to keep String::Formatter happy.
    Make sure it's tested.
    Closes rt-72008. Thanks to Olivier Mengué (dolmen) for reporting.

0.010     2011-09-10 18:06:33Z
  - Define '%p' as the OS path separator in case anybody ever needs
    cross-platform dist.ini commands
  - Enable the tests for the Run::Test plugin
  - Make tests cross-platform

0.009     2011-09-07 14:34:14Z
  - added the [Run::Test] plugin

0.008     2011-08-09 16:31:33Z
  - Stream command output incrementally instead of waiting
    until the command is done. (RWSTAUNER)
    Closes gh-4.  Thanks to SamuraiJack for the suggestion.

  - Show correct exit status on command failure.

0.007     2011-08-08 03:30:39Z
  - Define other (constant) string format conversions (%n, %v);
    Retain positional %s for backward compatibility. (RWSTAUNER)

0.006     2011-05-21 00:58:17Z
    - Fixed wrong bangpath

0.005     2011-04-29 20:54:18Z

0.005     2011-01-21 10:21:08Z

0.004     2010-12-14 20:19:54Z
    - Minimal pod changes

0.003     2010-12-14 02:18:00Z
    - Complete Change of API

0.002     2010-12-13 17:07:27Z

0.001     2010-12-12 03:14:54Z
    - First release