Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-CheckBreaks

0.019     2017-08-20 00:47:23Z
          - switch from stringy to block eval in generated test, but carefully
            such that unwanted dependencies still aren't picked up

0.018     2017-04-17 00:24:22Z
          - fixed use of skip(..., 0) so messages are properly displayed

0.017     2016-10-17 05:49:20Z
          - the 'conflicts_module' option can now be used more than once.

0.016     2016-01-28 03:25:40Z
          - use TODO around tests that fail on perl 5.8.x due to the buggy
            handling of qr/...$/m

0.015     2016-01-27 02:44:24Z
          - fix missing check for required version of CPAN::Meta::Check when
            using "no_forced_deps" option
          - tests are now quieter to avoid causing confusion, by suppressing
            the output of faked breakage tests

0.014     2015-12-24 22:32:26Z
          - new configuration option "no_forced_deps", suitable for
            distributions with restricted prerequisites
          - removed need for Test::More 0.88 in generated test

0.013     2015-10-08 00:21:04Z
          - bump up the prerequisite for CPAN::Meta::Check, to get fixes for
            its prereq specifications

0.012     2015-03-29 23:46:18Z
          - now using Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata to use a cached object
            for efficiency

0.011     2014-08-30 03:04:56Z
          - removed bunk test prereqs from version 0.010

0.010     2014-08-27 03:06:27Z
          - inject more accurate test prerequisites into the distribution
          - improved tests and metadata

0.009     2014-07-02 03:25:05Z
          - define a specific version needed for Module::Metadata, for the
            interfaces we use

0.008     2014-06-27 16:35:50Z
          - minor documentation fixes and metadata tweaks

0.007     2014-02-23 00:39:22Z
          - avoid adding an empty x_breaks field to metadata

0.006     2014-02-16 03:02:30Z
          - compatibility fix for older Dist::Zilla (that lacks knowledge of
            file encodings)

0.005     2014-02-12 05:12:42Z
          - fix failing test with old Test::More
          - fix invalid munging of bare version numbers in metadata

0.004     2014-02-11 06:28:29Z
          - keep usage of ::Conflicts module inside an eval to protect against
            blowing up when a conflicting module fails to compile

0.003     2014-02-11 06:13:34Z
          - remove invalid assumption that [Breaks] is installed by inlining a
            stripped down version into the necessary test

0.002     2014-02-10 02:14:48Z
          - fix error in how conflicts module was being loaded in the test

0.001     2014-02-10 01:21:15Z
          - Initial release.