0.07     2018-01-09

- Include the plugin version in the comment at the top of the generated test
  file. Implemented by Karen Etheridge. GH #2.

- Sort the module keys in the trustme dump for smaller diffs between
  releases. Implemented by Karen Etheridge. GH #2.

0.06     2016-05-08

- The added test is not added in xt/author instead of xt/release.

0.05     2015-03-25

- Added an "also_private" config parameter, which is passed on to
  Pod::Coverage. Implemented by David Golden.

0.04     2015-02-26

- If you specify a class other than Pod::Coverage::TrustPod as the coverage
  class, then the specified class will be added to the "develop requires"

0.03     2015-01-10

- Removed some unused imports.

0.02     2014-11-05

- Make the generated test file skip all on Perl 5.8.8 or
  lower. Pod::Coverage::TrustPod only installs with 5.8.9+. This is probably
  not relevant to most people, but it's useful if you're testing with ancient
  Perls on Travis using https://github.com/haarg/perl-travis-helper.

0.01     2014-08-03

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.