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Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-ReportPrereqs

0.013     2014-01-24 11:42:12-05:00 America/New_York


  - Embeds the complete static prerequisite hash into the
    generated file; no longer creates just a static list
    (that varied based on AUTHOR_TESTING);

0.012     2014-01-14 15:49:18-05:00 America/New_York


  - Modifies the test file with the static prerequisite list
    in memory during the InstallTool phase rather only on disk in
    the AfterBuild phase (Kent Fredric)

0.011     2014-01-07 11:46:22 America/New_York


  - now also verifying develop prereqs, when AUTHOR_TESTING is set
    (Karen Etheridge)

0.010     2013-10-16 17:02:34 America/New_York


  - fixed handling of modules with no $VERSION

0.009     2013-10-15 19:48:32 America/New_York


  - now injecting test-recommends prereqs to enable prereq verification
    (Karen Etheridge)

0.008     2013-10-13 15:33:03 America/New_York


  - dropped use of newer CPAN::Meta::Requirement method so
    we're more backwards compatible

0.007     2013-10-12 13:50:23 America/New_York


  - 'exclude' option now respected when MYMETA.json is present


  - now (optionally) reporting on any missing prereqs after listing all module
    versions [Karen Etheridge]
  - develop prereqs are now also reported/checked when AUTHOR_TESTING

0.006     2013-02-12 17:48:57 America/New_York


  - Don't report on 'develop' prereqs

0.005     2013-02-11 12:26:51 America/New_York


  - Always reports, regardless of AUTOMATED_TESTING; this way even
    manual bug reports will give us the information we want

0.004     2012-05-16 11:33:16 America/New_York


  - New 'include' and 'exclude' attributes may be used to add additional
    modules or to remove modules from the report list [Randy Stauner]

0.003     2012-05-14 15:23:08 America/New_York


  - Optional CPAN::Meta requirement of generated test file is now
    obscured to hide it from prerequisite scanners.

  - Static requirements are merged with dynamic ones to ensure the
    most complete report possible on modules of interest

0.002     2012-05-14 15:11:36 America/New_York


  - Fixed formatting in generated test file

0.001     2012-05-14 14:51:15 America/New_York

  - Initial release

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