Revision history for Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Apocalyptic

0.005	2014-10-28 18:09:23 UTC

	Dropped the use of the DualBuilders plugin in favor of MakeMaker::Fallback and ModuleBuildTiny ( thanks ETHER! )
	Dropped the use of the ContributorsFromGit plugin in favor of Git::Contributors RT#99083 ( thanks ETHER! )

0.004	2014-10-25 20:25:39 UTC

	Added a bunch of plugins! wheee :)
	Tweaked the Changes format to be CPAN::Changes::Spec compatible!
	Changed to DZP::ReadmeAnyFromPod instead of DZP::ReadmeFromPod as we now generate a README.pod in the root for github, thanks RT#85019
	Enabled ConfigSlicer and PluginRemover for easier bundle manipulation, thanks DAGOLDEN
	Enabled the Pod::Weaver options to preserve original source code line numbering on munging, thanks DAGOLDEN

0.003	2012-01-03 05:42:19 UTC

	Use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::LocaleMsgfmt
	Use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CheckPrereqsIndexed
	Clarified the POD with output from dzil dumpphases

0.002	2012-01-03 01:34:43 UTC

	Use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Clean
	Replace Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CompileTests with DZP::Test::Compile as it was deprecated

0.001	2011-03-06 02:21:36 UTC

	initial release