Revision history for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-MELO

0.012     2013-01-18T11:29:04Z
        * New default for skip_prereqs: '^t::'
        * Tweak SUPPORT section of our Pod sections
        * Switch part of our Metadata collection to the GitHub PluginBundle
        * bug tracker set to Github issues by default now

0.011     2013-01-06T15:49:13Z
        * Generate a simpler .travis.yml
        * Make sure .travis.yml is not excluded by MANIFEST.SKIP
        * Add support for DZIL_FIRST_RELEASE ENV
        * Test::Pod::LinkCheck is disable by default for now
        * Test::Pod::No404s is disable by default for now

0.010     2012-09-05T17:37:47Z
        * Updated abstract to the real truth about this module
        * Generate a .travis.yml file for all projects using this bundle

0.009     2012-09-05T00:36:10Z
        * Fix bug with plugin order: Git::CommitBuild must be
          before @Git

0.008     2012-09-05T00:31:36Z
        * Will the real Git::CommitBuild config work this time?

0.007     2012-09-05T00:15:16Z
        * Fix Git::CommitBuild setup
        * Didn't make it to CPAN, botched up release phase

0.006     2012-09-04T23:59:04Z
        * New release to fix timestamp problems on the previous dist
        * Add Git::CommitBuild with both per-build and per-release
          extra branches
        * Add PrereqsClean plugin
        * Tweak cover_db/ exception

0.005     2012-09-04T11:19:08Z
        * disable_tests accepts multiple values, in line with
          @TestingMania behaviour

0.004     2012-05-11T11:25:40Z
        * Added missing dependency not detected auto-magically

0.003     2012-03-14T10:54:01Z
        * Add default authority to make Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Authority
          work with default install

0.002     2011-10-28T11:15:39Z
        * Make ReportVersions::Tiny plugin optional and off by default
        * Cleanup after a release

0.001     2011-10-28T10:58:32Z
        * Initial release