Revision history for Dist-Zilla-App-Command-shell.

0.005    2011-11-09    Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Fix for the display of exceptions in DZ commands.
	Add dummy tests just for raising Kwalitee.

0.004    2011-11-07    Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Fix repository metadata after GitHub repo renaming.

0.003    2011-11-02    Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Rename distribution from Dist-Zilla-App-Command-shell to

0.002    2011-10-28    Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	New feature: forward unknown commands to the system shell.

0.001    2011-10-27    Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	First release.
	My first real use of Dist::Zilla was at the QA Hackathon 2011 in
	  Amsterdam, and since that day I needed this extension.