# Changes for Distribution::Guess::BuildSystem

0.12 - Tue Sep 28 15:49:27 2010
	Add preferred_* commands so you can get a single answer
	(instead of a hash) that tells you which command to 
	use to setup and build a dist.

0.11 - Wed Oct 29 15:55:32 2008
	* Changes to use the new Module::Extract::Use interface,
	which doesn't use class methods anymore.

0.10_02 - Mon Aug  4 03:50:42 2008
	* Add just_give_me_a_hash() to get a hash of all of the method
	names and what they would return. This way you get all of the
	info you'd want right away and you can store it immediately.

0.10_01 - Sat Aug  2 20:48:48 2008
	* first release of a module to guess the build system on a 
	Perl module distribution