Revision history for Perl module Dumbbench

0.111 2017-06-17T06:50:28Z
	* Add a --float option to use basic floating point notation
	instead of scientific notation (Eric Herman, Pull Request #6 in 
	* Moved default repo to briandfoy/dumbbench so he can administer
	it in Travis CI and Appveyor
	* Improved some docs (Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior)

0.10_02 2017-06-15T08:40:48Z
	* add --simple switch to use flat floating point instead of 
	scientific notation
	* various distro refreshes

0.10_01 2017-06-07T22:17:26Z
	* Bump to test version to see what CPAN Testers says

	* --simple option for printing numbers using the default float
	  format instead of scientific notation. (Eric Herman)

0.10  2013-12-30

	* Outlier rejection claimed to be disabled when setting the
          threshold to 0. But in reality it defaulted. Now, the claim
          is true and setting the threshold to 0 "sigmas" will disable
          outlier rejection.
	* Improved tests for outlier rejection.

0.09  2013-12-30
	* Fix for infinite loops (David Golden)
	* Benchmarks can be taken from modules (brian d foy)
	* Option to output R-compatible data table (brian d foy)
	* Example R script for making box plots from table data (brian d foy)
	* --pin-frequency option on Linux to pin CPU frequency for
	  more consistent benchmark results.
	  (Warning: Use this option at your own risk.)

0.08 - 2012-07-03
	* POD fix (Eduardo AriƱo de la Rubia)

0.07 - 2012-01-15
	* Fix undefined value warning in cmpthese.

0.06 - 2011-11-10
	* Show instance names in output where applicable.

0.05 - 2011-08-04
	* Fix for dry-runs of external commands.
	* Now using the shell for testing external commands where necessary.
	* Much faster stats due to using Statistics::CaseResampling.
	* Some changes to the simulation code.

0.04 - 2010-09-21
	* Various small but important bug fixes.
	* Now comes with Benchmark::Dumb, an almost-Benchmark-compatible
	* Requires newer Number::WithError (1.00).
	* Outlier-filtering now a feature of the statistics package.
	* Ships with a toy-MC for simulating timing distributions.
	* Outlier rejection now at three sigma instead of 2.5.
	* Option to disable subtraction of dry-run timing.
	* Iterative re-running now re-runs a fraction of the previous runs
	  to avoid frequent sorting overhead. (geometric progression)

0.03 - 2010-09-20
	* Fixed missing dependency on parent.

0.02 - 2010-09-17
	* Fixed test that would fail to skip without
	* Add missing dependency on Params::Util

0.01 - 2010-09-16
	* original version