Revision history for EBook::EPUB

0.6     Thu 22 Dec 2011
        - Generate truly unique UUID 
        - Propagate error during actual archive generation (pack_zip)
           to upper level so user code can handle them
        - Add setters for two DC items: publisher and coverage
        - Set XML encoding explicitly in OPF file XML declaration

0.5     Tue 17 Aug 2010
        - add_item and add_dcitem renamed to add_meta_item and
            add_meta_dcitem respectively
        - Return ids of items added/created by add_xhtml, add_image,
            copy_xhtml, etc. 
        - Implicitly create UUID for new EPUB document. Treat urn:uuid
            identifiers separately from other schemes. Module depends
            on Data::UUID now.

0.4     Mon 19 Jul 2010
        - EPUB now can have multiple IDs
        - Fixed invalid <meta> tags in metadata
        - Authors list is now in sync in OPF and NCX files
        - It's possible to have zero or more authors in NCX

0.3     Wed  5 May 2010
        - Added fonts encryption
        - Fixed documentation (arguments order for several functions)
        - Fixed typo in dc:description tag
        - Fixed bug with playOrder attribute

0.2     Wed 27 Jan 2010
        - Fix requirements
        - Add repository to module metadata

0.1     Thu 21 Jan 2010
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.