- Altered the documentation for the base EO class to
	  make it more true when talking about the clone() method.
	- added the EO::Hierarchy class, which is nice for data

	- fixed a bug that meant you couldn't instantiate
	  an Array with new_with_array( $scalar ), which of course
	  should instantiate an array with one argument

0.94    Friday 6th August 2004
	- added Class::Accessor::Chained as the base
	  class of EO, for easy accessors.

	Monday 5th July 2004
	- removed test that fails if you are installing as root.
	- bumped version in anticipation of a release

0.92    Fri Jul  2 14:23:23 BST 2004
	Monday 28th June, 2004
	- can get EO::Pair objects from EO::Hash's now.
	- added select() and do() methods to the Collection classes
	- added Deprecated attribute to mark deprecated methods
	- started deprecation of object_at_index in favour of at method in all
	  collection classes (jduncan)

	Sometime before
	- moved to Uppercase attribute names

0.91	Thursday 20th May, 2004

	26 Fri Mar 26 12:28:00 2004
        - fixed bug in abstract attributes that when called as class name
          gives wrong class name (mark)

	March 5th 2004
  	+ Changed oid generation to make it lazy

0.90	25th February, 2004
	Initial CPAN release