Changelog for ETL-Yertl

0.044     2020-07-27 21:28:55-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a warning caused by IO::Async 0.74 and later. Thanks
      @tehmoth and @andk for reporting this issue! [Github #164, Github

0.043     2018-09-25 18:13:41-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a test failure when using YAML::Syck. Thanks @ltriant!
      [Github #159]


    - Added the query and bind parameters when reporting a SQL error in
      ysql. This should make it easier to debug these errors.

0.042     2018-09-10 20:56:10-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a half-dozen warnings, including:
        - Warnings thrown while importing the `loop` sub from ETL::Yertl
        - Warnings thrown while overloading `CORE::GLOBAL::time` during
        - Warnings thrown about 'empty' not taking any arguments
      Thanks @jkeenan for fixing all these!

0.041     2018-09-05 22:22:36-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added ETL::Yertl::Transform::Yq. This allows you to use `yq`
      filter language to transform documents in Perl code. The
      corresponding `yq` helper makes it very easy to do:

        use ETL::Yertl;
        my $xform = stdin | yq( '.foo' ) >> stdout;

      ETL::Yertl::Transform::Yq replaces the ETL::Yertl::Command::yq
      class, but the `yq` command-line program works exactly as it did

    - Added ETL::Yertl::InputSeries class. This creates a series of
      streams for a set of input file paths or file handles. This is
      used to implement the yto, yfrom, and yq commands: Each command
      allows for listing multiple files as arguments, and will process
      each file one-by-one in series.

0.040     2018-09-04 19:51:21-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added ETL::Yertl::Transform class. This class holds a routine to
      transform documents that pass through it. Transforms can be linked
      to FormatStream sources or additional Transforms to create a chain
      of transforms. Each transform also can have a destination to write
      documents after transform.

    - Added helpers for stdin, stdout, file (creating FormatStream
      objects) and transform (creating Transform objects).


    - Removed references to "ymask", a command we deleted a while ago.
    - Fix FormatStream format being lost after a reconfigure.

0.039     2018-08-22 13:09:41-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed output from commands not having all the documents. We now
      autoflush the output filehandles, which is a bit slower but more

    - Fixed trying to load partial YAML documents. Our detection of when
      we got a complete document into the buffer was wrong. Now we loop
      over the lines individually to look for the document marker
      (`---`) and only consider the end of the buffer when we've reached
      the end of the file.

    - Fixed ysql trying to read the config in the default format. The
      default format can be changed by setting the `YERTL_FORMAT`
      environment variable, but the config is always in YAML.

    - Removed last references to ETL::Yertl::Format::default. We are now
      using ETL::Yertl::Format->get_default, which is less magical.

0.038     2018-08-22 00:11:50-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed many Yertl commands running out of memory when parsing
      large-ish files.
    - Fixed long delay before producing documents when reading large

0.037     2017-10-27 17:27:41-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed test that depended on (which we removed as
      a dependency). Now the test uses YAML::Tiny instead. Thanks
      @ltriant! (Github #155)

0.036     2017-10-25 23:32:12-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Removed the `ymask` command and associated prereqs. This command
      just wasn't very useful, and depended on a module that requires
      a compiler.


    - Added `parse_time` function to `yq`. This function parses
      a date/time string into a UNIX epoch.

    - Added epoch timestamps as an allowed format for `yts` time series

    - Add default timestamps of "now" in `yts`. This makes all time
      series databases the same and makes it easier to add metrics.

    - Added 'LINUX.PROC.LOADAVG' and 'LINUX.PROC.UPTIME' patterns to
      `ygrok` to parse the `/proc/loadavg` and `/proc/uptime` files on
      Linux systems.


    - Reduced version requirement for List::Util. This continues our
      quest to be installable on a core Perl 5.10 without a compiler.

    - Removed unused prereq (Text::Trim).

0.035     2017-10-18 20:52:11-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Removed 'Z' time zone indicator from yts input/output and time
      series adapters. Time zone does not enter in to any of the things
      we're doing with time series. If users need to do things with time
      zones, they'll have to do it themselves (poor souls).

0.034     2017-10-12 19:45:03-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a race condition that could cause `yts` to read the data and
      not write the data passed-in on `STDIN`. This requires a new
      dependency, IO::Interactive.

    - Removed dependencies on some modules to reduce the memory
      footprint and improve startup times:

      * DateTime
      * Moo
      * Type::Tiny

    - Removed some unused modules that are not going to be developed

      * Parse::RecDescent versions of the `yq` language parser. Perl
        5.10 regex grammars work just fine.

    - Fixed (YAML::Old) causing tests to fail. This has been
      removed (for now) as a supported YAML module. The default
      supported YAML module is now YAML::Tiny.

0.033     2017-10-12 01:18:55-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added Graphite time series adapter. Now `yts` can read/write time
      series from the Graphite system and related subsystems. The write
      function is compatible with the "line" protocol, so any databases
      that understand Graphite's line protocol can be written to.
    - Added --start and --end options to yts command to constrain the
      time series returned to a specific date/time range.


    - Fixed the `yts` time series format. Now there is only the "metric"
      to identify the time series, which for some time series databases
      may contain abstractions like "database" and "column".
    - Fixed nulls appearing in Graphite time series.

0.032     2017-08-25 21:42:30-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a problem where `ysql` would refuse to work as the first
      part of a cron job, thus making it useless for gathering metrics
      to be written to `yts`. Now we also check to see if `STDIN` is
      attached to something with some size...

0.031     2017-08-25 18:04:03-05:00 America/Chicago


    - ysql now has a `--count` helper to count the number of entries in
      a table (`SELECT COUNT(*) FROM <table>`). This also works with the
      `--where` helper to limit the rows counted. This is going to be
      especially useful with the new `yts` time series command.

    - The `yts` command to work with time series databases like
      InfluxDB, Graphite (Carbon), RRDTool, Prometheus, and the like.
      Only InfluxDB is available so far. If you want to contribute an
      adapter for the others, let me know!

0.030     2017-08-24 13:25:23-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Removed out-of-date Build.PL that was no longer being generated.
      This caused some CPAN clients to fail to install the right
      prerequisites. Thanks @andk and CPAN Testers!

0.029     2017-08-16 23:11:30-05:00 America/Chicago


    - We now give better error messages when accidentally trying to
      insert hashrefs or arrayrefs into a column using the `ysql`
      `--insert` helper. SQL::Abstract does not allow this and instead
      gives an untrappable warning (instead of throwing an exception,
      which is potentially earmarked for SQL::Abstract v2)


    - yq's filter language now allows `$.` to refer to the initial
      document even if the current document (`.`) is something else.
      This way one can traverse the document using `|` filters and still
      get to the original.

    - yq's filter language now allows assigning values to filters, so
      you can modify documents in-place.

    - yq's filter language now has an `each()` function to iterate over

    - yq's filter language now allows function calls on either side of
      binary operators (assignment operator and comparison operators).
      This means we can filter based on the output of a function (like
      find all arrays with more than 5 elements) or assign the output of
      a function to a place in the document (like replace an array with
      its length).

0.028     2016-10-09 23:08:36-05:00 America/Chicago


    - The YAML::Tiny module is now officially supported
    - The YERTL_FORMAT environment variable will set the default format
      that Yertl uses to communicate. Set it to `json` for Yertl to
      seamlessly interoperate with other JSON-based tools like `jq` and
    - CSV conversion (`yto`/`yfrom`) now allows setting a delimiter so
      we can parse colon-separated values or esoteric formats


    - `yq -x` now checks for definedness before trying to print. This
      silences warnings from Perl about "Uninitialized value in print".
      In the future, we may re-enable warnings through a `-w` or `-v`
    - If one filter in a pipe returns empty, that empty result is
      propagated through further filters. This makes the output of
      something like `select( .foo == 1 ) | .bar` more intuitive: If
      a document doesn't pass the first part, the result of the second
      part is `empty`, not `undef` (`--- ~`).
    - The `ysql` helpers and placeholders are now better documented in
      the ysql guide.


    - ygrok tests are now split into more maintainable chunks based on
      the patterns they are testing.

0.027 2015-11-28T09:19:23
 - use ipv4 and ipv6 patterns from Regexp::Common
 - update Path::Tiny version to fix File::Path issue
 - expand sql helpers docs to link related helpers
 - add the --delete helper option to ysql
 - return database handle from test setup function
 - change variable name in test
 - add release v0.026 announcement
 - fix commit urls in blog posts
 - fix release-blog script github URL

0.026 2015-11-25T03:41:56Z
 - add --order-by helper for ysql
 - add sortable field to ysql test
 - add --where helper for select queries
 - add --select and --insert query helpers to ysql
 - add flag to edit SQL query in text editor
 - deploy to personal site
 - redirect from github pages to personal site
 - update docs to new website at
 - ignore the statocles directory
 - remove obsolete site config attributes
 - add release v0.025 announcement
 - update theme from statocles default

0.025 2015-08-24T03:12:13Z
 - fix SQL error using --dsn printing error twice
 - handle error in connect with useful error message
 - update Regexp::Common to 2013031301
 - make http log patterns more lenient
 - upgrade perl in travis config
 - update theme from statocles default
 - add release v0.024 announcement

0.024 2015-06-01T02:36:27Z
 - add xargs mode to yq
 - remove ModuleBuild to prevent toolchain confusion
 - fix ps grok patterns to work on RHEL 5
 - update default theme from statocles default
 - add google analytics
 - add release v0.023 announcement

0.023 2015-02-26T18:35:35Z
 - make yq use formatter modules
 - update statocles theme from latest release
 - update site theme for new statocles default theme
 - add release v0.022 announcement

0.022 2015-02-02T05:51:12Z
 - add guides to the site main page
 - fix ysql synopsis missing -- before config option
 - add site intro and fix links to internal docs
 - fix link to Yertl on
 - update statocles default theme
 - add release v0.021 announcement

0.021 2015-02-02T05:20:13Z
 - add ygrok to the Statocles-generated POD
 - add release v0.020 announcement
 - update statocles conf for new deploy system
 - add --loose flag to ygrok to match partial lines
 - add ygrok patterns for ps, ps u, and ps x
 - allow really old files in ls -l ygrok parsing
 - add ygrok pattern for POSIX `ls -l`
 - add ygrok to the main page synopsis
 - add syslog pattern to ygrok
 - simplify "DATETIME" to just "DATE" in ygrok
 - allow adding, editing, and listing ygrok patterns
 - fix multiply-nested patterns
 - document all existing ygrok patterns
 - add pattern categories to ygrok
 - add ysql help guide
 - remove need for "query" when using ysql
 - add combined log format pattern for grok
 - add missing test collateral
 - allow recursive grok patterns
 - add ygrok patterns to parse http common log format
 - fix warnings when an unknown grok pattern is used
 - fix spurious contributor

0.020 2015-01-28T04:42:06Z
 - add short descriptions of all the Yertl tools
 - add ysql to main page synopsis
 - add links to yertl homepage
 - exclude the website from the cpan dist
 - fix "prototype mismatch" from Parse::RecDescent
 - add initial ygrok script
 - add dzil plugin for prereqs and compile tests
 - add release v0.019 announcement

0.019 2015-01-22T04:04:01Z
 - fix test failure on DBD::SQLite 1.33

0.018 2015-01-22T03:57:02Z
 - add missing ABSTRACTs to Command modules
 - add error checking when preparing or executing SQL
 - allow using "--dsn" to edit config
 - combine write and query in ysql
 - Fix mailmap for my work e-mail
 - add release 0.017 announcement

0.017 2015-01-12T05:31:46Z
 - add website using Statocles
 - remove docs about trim option
 - add validation for database driver
 - add drivers ysql command to list database drivers
 - remove root dotfiles and root ini files from dist
 - document new ysql config read commands
 - show error if a database key does not exist
 - switch to dzil Git::GatherDir
 - add read config commands to ysql
 - add documentation for ymask
 - make DBI completely optional
 - add cookbook with embedded json recipe

0.016 2015-01-06T02:36:59Z
 - update Import::Base prereq
 - fix contributors dependency
 - update copyright year
 - add contributors dzil plugin for proper attribution
 - add saved queries with placeholders to ysql
 - fix empty yaml file throws exception
 - check for DBI and DBD::SQLite before loading ysql
 - update Test::More to allow args to subtest refs
 - add prereq on File::HomeDir
 - use db config to query and write to saved dbs
 - add ysql config command to add databases
 - allow deep data structure interpolation in ysql
 - change interpolation sigil to '$.'
 - update Path::Tiny to 0.055
 - add basic write command to ysql
 - add ysql command with basic query support

0.015 2014-12-29T23:15:29Z
 - release v0.015
 - only run format tests if we have a formatter
 - use yaml formatter in ymask
 - use yaml formatter in yto
 - use yaml formatter in yfrom
 - move YAML formatter to new stream-based API
 - move JSON formatter to new stream-based API
 - move CSV formatter to new stream-based API
 - move test data into files
 - move ymask to ETL::Yertl::Command::ymask
 - move yfrom to ETL::Yertl::Command::yfrom
 - move test for CSV trimming to format tests
 - always document the -h, --help, and --version options
 - move yto to ETL::Yertl::Command::yto
 - require JSON::PP for testing
 - fix default format module in yaml formatter
 - fix default format module in csv format
 - fix default format module in json formatter
 - move yq into ETL::Yertl::Command::yq
 - move yq support classes to ETL::Yertl::Command::yq
 - add recommends for all supported formatter modules
 - add yaml formatter class
 - add csv format module
 - add formatter object to format sub
 - add json formatter class
 - create new base/project-intro module
 - rename to ETL-Yertl

0.014 2014-12-12T07:28:58Z
 - release v0.014
 - trim leading whitespace from CSV cells by default
 - rename ypick back to ymask

0.013 2014-12-10T08:05:32Z
 - release v0.013
 - remove the Marpa version for now
 - fix test failures due to whitespace differences
 - add IRC link
 - add ypick for simple field picking
 - fix "yq::filter used only once" warning
 - fix differences between JSON::PP and JSON::XS
 - remove dependency on Marpa for now
 - only ignore bundles in the dist root
 - only remove .ini files from the dist root
 - add dzil tag annotation with name, date, and changelog
 - update weaver.ini from new defaults
 - commit new build artifacts
 - update generated READMEs for status badges
 - update dist.ini for new best practices

0.012 2014-10-19T22:25:41Z
 - release v0.012
 - add yfrom script to output YAML from JSON or CSV
 - remove references to Test::Most
 - add Marpa::R2 prereq
 - add travis config
 - add yto script to convert from YAML to other formats
 - always use 5.10 features
 - move away from Test::Most
 - add an initial Marpa::R2 parser
 - start on a parse-tree-based P::RD implementation
 - int rule is unnecessary since float covers ints
 - add some preprocessing to fix pipes
 - fix comma combinator
 - undef is a valid value, so return an empty list
 - put use lines at the top of the parse
 - fix the order of <|> and <=|>=
 - use eval to get rid of the literal quote characters
 - add the missing sort function
 - fix the missing empty function
 - fix number parsing (int, float, bin, hex, oct)
 - add list object to differentiate arrays
 - SurgicalPodWeaver -> PodWeaver
 - initial test Parse::RecDescent implementation
 - load the underlying interpreter at runtime
 - add sort(EXPR) function to sort by string
 - move the interpreter to a module
 - add <,<=,>,>= numeric comparison operators
 - test and document the == and != operators
 - add length( EXPR ) function
 - add keys(EXPR) function
 - clarify and add some comments during the parsing

0.011 2014-05-17T06:42:15Z
 - release v0.011
 - prevent undefined warnings
 - add missing options to SYNOPSIS
 - add --version option
 - add raw numbers (int, dec, e, bin, oct, hex)
 - add verbose flag to start writing diagnostics
 - switch to using Regexp::Common for delimited text
 - add pipe to use output from EXPR as input to next
 - break tests out into individual categories

0.010 2014-05-16T15:30:07Z
 - add quoted strings using Text::Balanced

0.009 2014-05-16T06:22:49Z
 - release 0.009
 - add hash and array constructors
 - add group_by( EXPR ) function

0.008 2014-05-14T05:05:14Z
 - release v0.008
 - turn off STDOUT buffering
 - add note to grep() instead of using `if/else empty`
 - implement grep(EXPR)
 - allow `if .foo then .bar` for truthiness checking

0.007 2014-05-09T04:27:11Z
 - update build artifacts for v0.007
 - test that -h and error messages are correct

0.006 2014-05-09T02:41:31Z
 - update build artifacts
 - fix -h and --help option

0.005 2014-05-07T03:45:17Z
 - update build artifacts
 - add .[] to flatten an array
 - add , operator to join multiple filters
 - forgot the test file needed for filename arg test
 - allow filenames to be given as further arguments
 - prevent "undefined" warnings
 - filter documents that have no document separator
 - prepare for using STDERR as an error channel

0.004 2014-05-03T03:30:31Z
 - increase required Getopt::Long version

0.003 2014-05-01T05:54:23Z
 - update build artifacts
 - document the help option
 - fix POD errors

0.002 2014-05-01T05:34:09Z
 - update build artifacts
 - add array filters and allow combining filters

0.001 2014-04-30T05:55:50Z
 - fix gitignore for the app rename
 - update build artifacts
 - migrate to Import::Base
 - rename to App-YAML-Filter
 - document the else clause and the empty value
 - add "empty" special value to suppress printing undef documents
 - support else clauses in if statements
 - don't need to collect output as we're only working with one document
 - mark executables as executable
 - forgot to import pod2usage
 - add shebang line and remove modeline
 - add URL for jq project
 - remove <> because it's POD syntax and markdown thinks it's HTML
 - add build artifacts
 - add initial use-case - filtering documents based on a hash key
 - initial skeleton