0.52    2015-11-19
        Adjusted to work with Search::Elasticsearch v2.00

        Elastic::Model is not compatible with Elasticsearch 2.x.
        Search::Elasticsearch, however, defaults to using a 2.x compatible
        client: 2_0::Direct.  You should specify
        the client version explicitly when creating a Search::Elasticsearch instance:

            use Search::Elasticsearch;
            use MyApp;

            my $es = Search::Elasticsearch->new(
                client => '1_0::Direct', #### explicit client ####
                nodes  => [ "", ""]

            my $model = MyApp->new( es => $es )

0.51    2015-05-25

        Require Search::Elasticsearch v1.20

0.50    2014-08-17
        This is the first version of Elastic::Model with support for
        Elasticsearch 1.x and above.  It uses Search::Elasticsearch
        instead of Search::Elasticsearch::Compat.

        See Elastic::Manual::Delta for info about the compatibility
        mode which allows connecting to 0.90.x and 1.x nodes using
        the same code.

          * support for aggregations  in 1.x
          * on_success added to Bulk

          * omit_norms
          * omit_term_freq_and_positions

        Deprecated field attributes:
          * field-level boost
          * index_name
          * path
          * precision_step

0.29_2  2014-07-01
        Also accept 0_90 clients

0.29_1  2014-06-01
        Migrated to Search::Elasticsearch and made it run
        on Elasticsearch 1.x. No doc updates yet, no new features
        exposed yet.

        Breaking changes:
         * omit_norms and omit_term_freq_positions no longer supported
         * ignore_missing should be replaced by ignore => 404
         * get mapping responses have changed

0.28    2013-03-06
        Elastic::Model now requires Search::Elasticsearch::Compat
        See http://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-perl/issues/20

        Updated links to the elasticsearch.org website.

0.27    2013-10-24
        Elastic::Model now requires Elasticsearch::Compat instead of

0.26    2013-05-08
        Upgraded ElasticSearch.pm to v0.65
        Calls to non-existent indices/aliases throws a 404 in v0.90

0.25    2013-02-26
        Made Test::Strict an author only test

0.24    2013-01-04
        BUG FIX
         - has_changed was failing when comparing attributes that contained
         - Fixed tests for SearchBuilder that were failing with the new
           hash changes in perl 5.17

          - update_mapping and delete_mapping now accept optional \%args
            which get passed on to ElasticSearch.pm

0.23    2012-11-23
        Doc corrections

0.22    2012-11-22
         - Add specific mapping for Maybe[Bool] which treats undef values
           as NULL / missing, while Bool fields still treat undef as false.

0.21    2012-11-17
        BUG FIX
         - Model metaclass attributes were being initialized from the same
           hashrefs, meaning that data (eg types in a namespace) were shared
           between independent models.
           Thanks to AMIRI for reporting

0.20    2012-11-16
         - has_changed() and old_values() was implemented with triggers on
           every doc class attribute.  This was buggy because
           1) it wasn't applied to attributes from roles
           2) it didn't check arrays/hashes correctly
           3) it was slow
           We now handle all of the above correctly, by comparing canonical
           versions of the deflated object with the data loaded from ES.

           has_changed() was called by save() to prevent saving if the
           object hadn't actually changed.  We no longer do this - if you
           call save(), your object will be saved. If you want to run this
           check yourself, you can do:

               $doc->save if $doc->has_changed;

           old_value() has been removed because it requires old_values() to
           build a comparison of all attributes that have changed, so it
           is more efficient to just call old_values() once, eg:

                $old = $doc->old_values;
                if (exists $old->{foo}) {...}
                if (exists $old->{bar}) {...}

         - added apply_field_settings() to Elastic::Doc to make it easier
           to configure attributes applied from roles, when you may not
           have edit access to the role itself.

0.19    2012-11-15
         - Inflators and deflators are now inlined whenever possible, resulting
           in  a big performance boost

0.18    2012-11-14
         - Optimized UID and stub object creation - big performance improvement
           when retrieving docs from elasticsearch

0.17    2012-11-09
         - handle empty queryb/fiterb/post_filterb clauses gracefully

0.16    2012-11-06
         - removed the to_cache() method that was added in v0.15

         - added integration with a CHI-compatible cache for bounded searches

0.15    2012-11-02
        BUG FIX:
         - the default values for wrapper/multi_wrapper in Iterator were
           not being returned as code refs

         - added to_cache() to Elastic::Model::Results to return a cacheable
           data structure which can later be reinflated to the full result set

0.14    2012-11-01
         - upgraded minimum ES version to 0.19.11 to take advantage of the
           new match queries

         - Added Elastic::Model::Bulk for bulk indexing of documents.

0.13    2012-10-10
        BUG FIXES:
         - UIDs from search results were missing the routing value
         - use Elastic::Doc on 'extend'ed classes didn't work as expected
         - Minimum version of Moose set to 2.06

0.12    2012-09-22
         - Added support for retrieving partial objects (thanks to DIEGOK
           for suggesting)
         - Improved documentation (thanks to TIMB)

0.11    2012-08-18
         - Variable::Magic v 0.51 allows us to remove the magic after inflating
           a stub object - thanks to VPIT for the new version

0.10    2012-08-15
        BUG FIX:
         - Declare a minimum version for ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder

0.09    2012-08-14
         - Added terms_indexed_for_field() to Elastic::Model::Role::Doc to aid
         - Added id() and type() convenience methods on Elastic::Model::Role::Doc
           which call the equivalent method on the doc's UID

        BUG FIX:
         - Changed the mapping for UIDs to use the full path name, not
           'just_name'.  * REQUIRES REINDEXING *
            This fixes a major bug where all Doc class attributes in an object
            were being indexed in the same fields, so it was impossible to
            distinguish a search for (mother => $user) from (father => $user).
            Unfortunately, this means it is no longer possible to search for just
            any UID using queryb($uid), as it now needs the full path name for
            the attribute, eg queryb( 'user.partner' => $user ).
            Consequently, I've also had to change the Index->repoint_uids
            to search in all possible UID attributes.

0.08    2012-08-09
         - added a transform() parameter to reindex() to allow the user to
           change the data structure while reindexing
        BUG FIX:
         - don't try to destroy scopes during global shutdown
         - reindex() was loading all docs into memory, rather than processing
           them in blocks
0.07    2012-08-02
         - Added Elastic::Model::SearchBuilder to automatically serialize
           queries/filters like ->filterb( user => $user_doc )
           or ->filterb( $uid )
0.06    2012-08-02
         - The unique key was using the attribute name, rather than
           the unique key name.
0.05    2012-08-01
         - Added support for unique_keys via ElasticSearchX::UniqueKey
         - Added a Keyword type to be used for not_analyzed string fields
         - Handle stub doc inflation using Variable::Magic instead of
           wrapping _inline_instance_* in Moose
        BUG FIXES:
         - Lazy attributes weren't being built properly during deflation
0.04    2012-07-25
        overwrite() should work for new docs as well as docs loaded from ES
        on_conflict() called with $doc->create doesn't get a version number,
        so just load the existing doc

0.03    2012-07-08
        Skip parts of the test suite which require a live cluster to run

0.02    2012-07-07
        Removed the 'trial' flag.  First public release.

0.01    2012-07-07
        First release