Revision history for Email-Date

1.104     2013-08-02 18:00:42 America/New_York
        point to new repo, new bug tracker, suggest users just use other
        libraries when possible

1.103   2007-11-30
        generation of dates now done by Email::Date::Format

1.102   2007-03-22
        remove uneeded dep on Email::Simple
        packaging improvements

1.101   2006-08-01
        fix a bug in testing; tests would only pass in second 2/3 of month
        (thanks Danial Pearce)

1.10    2006-07-21
        add format_gmdate
        if no date was found, return undef, not the current time
        list Email::Abstract as a prereq

1.03    2004-09-23
        Email::Abstract is not required, and is only loaded when needed.

1.02    2004-07-25

1.01    2004-07-17
        Initial Revision.