Revision history for Email-Fingerprint

0.49    2017-06-27
        Added missing dependencies to
        Fixed broken test: newer File::Path gets confused about file perms
        Fixed broken author test: Test::Prereq has changed its signature
        Fixed broken author test: Test::Kwalitee wants an envar
0.48    2014-10-15
        Fixed broken test of cache purging (race condition).
        Improved output of unit tests.
        Made module versions consistent.
        Removed build_lib and moved Test::Stdout into test script.
0.47    2012-12-15
        Minor cleanup and kwalitee enhancements.
0.46    2012-09-23
        Fixed use of BEGIN as a label. TNX Nigel Horne.
0.45    2012-02-24
        Fixed skipped tests to play better with Test::More.
0.44    2011-10-30
        Updated tests to play with latest version of Test::More.
0.43    2011-08-21
        Added diagnostic code to test for failure on FreeBSD.
0.42    2011-08-21
        Test fix for BSD: I think "prove" isn't running from where I thought it was.
0.41    2011-08-17
        Removed forks from cache test so it works on Windows. Ick.
0.40    2011-07-19
        Added some minimum-version requirements and cleaned up some tests.
0.39    2011-05-21
        Now file-permission tests are skipped when tests are run as root.
        TNX Nigel Horne.
0.38    2011-05-18
        Changed backend AnyDBM: RedHat is missing NDBM_File; OSX, GDBM_File. Sigh.
0.37    2011-05-18
        Moved author tests to xt/ and added authortest target.
0.36    2011-05-18
        Defensive code against broken platforms with missing core modules.
0.35    2011-05-17
        Marked dependency on File::Path 2.08; version 2.04 failed testing.
0.34    2011-05-16
        Tiny fix.
0.33    2011-05-16
        Fix for odd Solaris failure. TNX Nigel Horne
0.32    2011-05-16
        Removed Test::Differences because it caused spurious test failures.
0.31    2011-05-15
        Fixed final broken test: error message varies by platform.
0.30    2011-05-15
        Changed lockfile code and fixed broken tests.
0.29	2010-10-27
	    Finally fixed test that fails on Solaris (I certainly hope!)
0.28	2010-10-26
	    Minor cleanup and updates to changelog.
0.27	2010-10-25
	    Fixed tests that broke because Test::Trap doesn't work correctly.
0.26	2010-10-24
	    Moved script functionality into a separate module for testing.
0.25    2008-02-23
        Uncovered dependency on perl version: at least 5.006.
0.24    2008-02-22
        Changed dump() to use GMT, and added example script.
0.23    2008-02-21
        Changed cache test to use Test::Differences. TNX Michael Schwern.
0.22    2008-02-20
        Removed rudeness from Makefile.PL and fixed up prereqs for cpantesters.
0.21    2008-02-17
        Fixed parse errors in META.yml.
0.20    2008-02-15
        Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker to build_requires.
0.19    2008-02-14
        Re-packaged: last CPAN upload had a mysterious problem unpacking.
0.18    2008-02-10
        Changed test data to perl storage for platform independence.
0.17    2008-02-09
        Fixed backend to operate properly in NDBM and DBM-compatibility modes.
0.16    2008-02-06
        Upgraded ExtUtils::MakeMaker and regenerated META.yml.
0.15    2008-01-21
        Added script to package.
0.14    2008-01-20
        Added bunches of tests. All pass.
0.13    2008-01-10
        Changed Email::Fingerprint::Cache::NDBM to inside-out object.
0.12    2007-11-10
        Changed Email::Fingerprint::Cache to inside-out object. All tests pass.
0.11    2007-11-05
        Email::Fingerprint::Cache coverage: total. Devel::Cover chokes on eval.
0.10    2007-11-04
        Cleaned up purge() method to remove surprising side effect.
0.09    2007-11-03
        Added DESTROY method to protect cache data and warn sloppy coders.
0.08    2007-11-02
        Added tests for the fingerprint cache, fixed uncovered bugs.
0.07    2007-10-02
        Added more tests, found Perl bug, fixed "smart" read() method.
0.06    2007-09-01
        Added tests, including distribution and kwalitee.
0.05    2007-02-19
        Changed structure of Email::Fingerprint to use Class::Std.
0.01    2007-01-01
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.