Revision history for Email-FolderType

0.814     2013-08-05 18:48:55 America/New_York
          new repo, new bugtracker, same old code

0.813     2007-03-22
          packaging improvements

0.812     2006-08-28
          add a README

0.811     2006-08-22
          use strict
          pod tests

0.810     2006-08-02
          don't match //$ as Maildir, to avoid clobbering Ezmlm

0.8       Thursday 6th January, 2005
          another rewrite because the old module registration system was clunky
            the new one uses the ever shiny (not that I'm biased)

0.7       Tuesday 4th May, 2004
          rewrote distribution to include type registration so folder types can
          be added at will by other module authors

0.6       Friday 29th August, 2003
          added Ezmlm support (//) and rewrote the documentation

0.5       Monday 22nd July 2003
          update the docs and other minor tweaks

0.4       Sunday 11th May, 2003
          have Module::Build supply a Makefile.PL for classic users

0.3       Friday 2nd May, 2003
          drop tests on file existing

0.2       Thursday 24th April, 2003
          non-signed distribution (as signing is proving quirky)

0.1       Initial version
          Based on code by Simon Cozens in Email::LocalDelivery