Release history for Email-LocalDelivery

1.200     2013-08-08 21:24:39 America/New_York
          crank the version number *way* up to bring all the module versions in
          sync without rolling any of them back

0.218     2013-08-08 20:36:42 America/New_York
          point to new repo, bugtracker; also reference Email::Sender

0.217     2007-06-22
          remove dross test file from dist

0.216     2007-06-22
          allow Maildir deliveries to be streamed to disk

0.215     2007-04-15
          mbox is /From / not /From\s/ (rt 26373 from Simon Law)

0.214     2007-02-22
          use strict everywhere

0.213     2007-02-15
          avoid manging strings passed to deliver
          reorganize libs into ./lib

0.212     2007-02-14
          fix packaging glitches

0.211     2007-02-14
          St. Valentine's Day release: We love email!
          stop breaking the encapsulation around Email::Simple

0.21      2006-07-21
          update PEP URL

0.20      2006-07-07
          try to be compat with perl 5.005
          don't lose mail when delivering to maildirs! (check print() status)
          avoid topicalization clashes during mailbox name/type matching

0.09      2004-12-17
          New author.
          Allow for subclassing flexibility in Email::LocalDelivery::Mbox.
          New contact information.

0.08      Saturday 29th May, 2004
	        Make fix_lines not be a no-op (Toby Johnson)

0.07      Friday 14th November, 2003 bug caused by flawed
	        implementation of #2480.  the test suite is woefully poor not
	        to have caught this

0.06      Wednesday 29th October, 2003 quoting of From_
        	lines in bodies of messages in Mboxes

 expansion of ~ elements

0.05      Thursday 24th July 2003
	        Fix bug in ::Maildir
	        quell warning

0.04      Fri May  2 12:56:34 BST 2003
          Handle failure to open mboxen properly
          Insert blank line before new message in mbox.

0.03      Wednesday 16th April, 2003, just after the PAUSE indexer got in touch
          Increment the version numbers in E::LD::{Mbox,Maildir}

0.02      Wednesday 16th April, 2003
          now depends on Email::Simple and Email::FolderType
          changes to make code -w clean

0.01      Fri Feb 21 13:26:07 2003
	        original version; created by h2xs 1.2 with options
        		-AX -n Email::LocalDelivery