Revision history for Perl extension Email::MIME::ContentType

1.017     2013-08-10 23:19:14 America/New_York
          make $STRICT_PARAMS actually work! (thanks, Matthew Green!)
          [ #87460]

1.016     2013-08-10 23:14:42 America/New_York
          correct the longstanding and embarrassing misuse of "discrete" and
          "composite" to mean "type" and "subtype"; the returned data still
          contains the wrong old names so your code shouldn't break

          repackage to update bugtracker, repo, etc.

1.015     2009-01-22
          add repo metadata

1.014     2007-03-22
          packaging improvements

1.013     2007-03-20
          fix significantly broken SYNOPSIS

1.012     2006-11-25
          allow carp-avoidance through (ugh) package variable; bug 14076

1.011     2006-10-12
          clearer special case for undef/empty content-type
          (thanks, JESSE!)

          typo fix in documentation by John Linderman.
          new author, Casey West.
          Fix bug with blank space following parameters.

0.01      Wed Jan  7 17:38:23 2004
          original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
        		-AX -b 5.6.0 -n Email::MIME::ContentType