This is the revision history for Email-Simple-FromHandle

0.054     2013-09-24 20:55:08 America/New_York
          replace busted-on-Win32 test file

0.053     2013-08-24 08:27:27 America/New_York
          update bugtracker and repository

          use warnings

          use instead of

0.052     2008-06-25
          fix cross-platform detection of non-seekable handles (HDP)

0.051     2008-06-24
          allow header_class arg to new(), to match Email::Simple's new (HDP)

0.050     2007-02-06
          excellent features added by HDP:
            test for reading from unseekable filehandles
            add getline() for streaming from an email
            add stream_to() for convenient streaming to a fh (or anything else)

0.011     2006-06-13
          added this changelog