Revision history for Perl extension Enbugger.

0.01  Wed Jul 11 20:29:41 2007
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -n Enbugger

0.02  Thu Jul 12 2007
  - Attempt to load @{"_<$file"} arrays
  - Added caveats

1.00  Christmas, 2007
  - Removed a pile of XS

1.01  Xmax, 2007
  - Fixed bugs. Don't bother with 1.00

1.02 Jan 6, 2008
  - Discovered that this doesn't work on 5.5.
  - Added B::Utils to the prereq list. It was missing.
  - Added overridable ->debugger method.

1.03 Jan 15, 2008
  - Got source handling to work
  - Added some real tests

1.03_01 Jan 20, 2008
  - 20expect.t doesn't require PadWalker anymore
  - .perldb is chmod 0644 to defeat
  - Black magic DB::proceed_at
  - Not released yet

1.06 Feb 24, 2008
  - Work done as part of "Hack Week" at
  - Separated out Enbugger::Restarts

2.000 Wed Jun 11, 2008
  - Massive change
  - Rewrote too much of the API so now it's a new major version
  - Wrote tests for most of everything
  - Documented (at least with stubs) most of everything
  - Clarified licence
  - etc.

2.001 Wed Jun 11, 2008
  - Applied copyright & license text to all source files
  -'s compilation is more straightforward
  - Added Emacs formatting declarations to all source files
  - Added notes to non-default debugger hooks that they aren't implemented yet
  - Fix 2.000 notes. They used to say they were 2.001 but *this* is 2.001

2.002 Wed Jun 11, 2008
  - `make clean` deletes Enbugger-*

2.003 Fri Jun 13, 2008
  - Installing Enbugger while Enbugger is loaded and running works a bit better now.

2.004 Thu Jun 19, 2008
  - Add breakpoints. Hope it works. Tests come later.

2.005 Thu Nov 13, 2008
  - Always load @{"_<..."} arrays as PVIV or greater. This prevents assertion failures on debugging perl.
  - Quieted a warning in t/

2.006 Wed Jun  3, 2009

7ee669f2099e03ef15db52c4efe16cf3acd8803d Eliminate some *DATA handles
687b3f7e83f94841915e7c8f2b7649809209fdbc NYTProf declines to instrument Devel/, Devel/NYTProf/, Time/
8cfb669edcf810e4596ab55432022565f1148662 Silence "only once" warnings
ddbf1debc744a16f08d7d6f2d2bfd09f1b894dbf instrument_runtime for NYTProf
c8ca0915ed1aa505b13dbcb48156b46dea92e4d7 TODO: detect INIT for NYTProf
fe79edf3d327039db9ae03afb3920f91900e8227 Remove warnings
5cb0bb8750c4bbb5a1e512de3d9295836c180c39 whitespace
5a1cdb417e1b5d5a6eb1ae89539136142e05f07b Initialize the debugger for NYTProf but let it set $^P
73e1f62f0c242dd63b0a70067bff3d1d0087c88e Avoid instrumenting NYTProf and Time/HiRes for NYTProf
3b801043d22edb276fd274921ebb25aa8a513def Initialize the debugger for NYTProf but let it set $^P
f4c62c6b6d1489ec6d5b2463252799a1a54e87e6 Enbugger::NYTProf uses B::Utils so it should use() it
593c5f7ce6b4b6e0a76bbc74c4a9eaa88a2a8e45 Enbugger::NYTProf rewrites o->op_ppaddr using PL_ppaddr
639d2d3e91e5b12edf67f4f9e2cfeabbbfe37c59 Renaming to lib/Enbugger/
bc448b0795003285cc9cb6d82758cb91a8219dbc Renaming lib/Enbugger/ away to fix my mac
98f33afd12dee727d4475ccb508e50663e7e4ad4 Auto-register NYFProf
e7747b6bae920b747261316048b93def7e18cf9c _compile_with_{dbstate,nextstate} are methods now for overloading
206c76c3ee676df29b34daa8d2fc7a7ed408009d Add NYTProf hooks

2.007 Sat Jun  6, 2009

a4568f664795be6d4c31ea482883eab5410bf955 Re-up copyright statement
bf56bcd89dc5caf1ec835c723c0434aeb874714f Add NYTProf tests
a8921eb4f03bf4daa55449daa3aeefb651b8d9f7 Add gdb + RemotePort example
e34668c6328eccf78de2aa358c0c52d2a29c16ae cleaning

2.008 Sat Jun  6, 2009

105058c0a96f4623d57be298a866ce0919ee0fa4 Add empty .perldb to override the user's own file

2.009 Sat Jun  6, 2009

2f6f0979afd7bcd65df44bcd595dc78be837f41e Provide ROWS/COLUMNS for clients that will probably die otherwise when trying to use Term::Readkey. Hope this works
193a1cfc6a3152dae1870f2015dea79f310293ba Test's own .pl files dump their errors to STDERR

2.011 Sun Mar 20, 2011

0159a66 2.011
2669705 2.011
48aa9f6d45fa4d9d8c3d912791046c34b5784564 Declare PERL_CORE for perl-5.13.10+
d689f2ecff625a76b471f244eb5e1ea33612e791 Only run NYTProf test when NYTProf is available
3a15287409d9bcf97a0382e85ad5091de426e559 s/Perl_init_debugger/init_debugger/ because of PERL_CORE
4ce6004f20b7f112c6dff6a98d46d04b2e950341 Declare PERL_CORE to pick up pp_proto.h
a483f49f13a96f5f7a8bada520837da8dea8acb1 Don't daemonize xterm-server/screen-server/tmux-server by default
ee46818d439982e9c6cb48dcad8d8ccd3b8e6d97 Oops, add another arg to truncate
1da611b54840dc9b762cf2979187aab83f1bb026 Move use/require statements to nearby where they're used so child processes aren't bigger than they need to be
8a0e9b967d1644ca193fcd63c484769117330ad5 Add comment documentation
7982ecf1a9b0ee9fdb1f90a8ee8fdbb485e50375 Quash "once" warnings for FindBin::Bin
ca9fc6536aab575cec7bc77b0ea2553ff042f9bd Drop 5.10 requirement
bdf11b1b6d92505befef8e747f89891c47785394 Sleep until tmux screen writes the tty
a8d52f83453dcbcd6b894ff828def919e52ef1d6 Annotate kill w/ signal names
a4919c4f04c630f8fb3d6e9111c346bec2805207 Drop autodie
a71886f8cfbacae2f3fcdca9a736b07f990007bf Print system() info on --debug
61182c7db61ff5be8e4de6cdc92799e45091cac4 Print system() info on --debug
3cd8dc686b6da128ceb4f07fe85fceea9d114805 Load File::Temp only if success is nigh
f375a880f0dfd3096de634162e598fdb4451ab5b Daemonization is optional
c0c7809a12b2d7af320ca9d157b8e52dc3922944 Drop SIGCHLD handling because reaping is going parent-first, not the other way around
05cc719bc1987b3fca4fa2bacc1d733104e75480 Print exec() info on --debug
ce91ceb6be50b54826ba13e47a7b198487237fa9 Fix --debug flag
be34f08792dba4cbd807df80b129bb26fad0f64f Oops, avoid 5.10ish //= when I can be 5.005 friendly with "if ! defined"
91cdc4877e72ba58ecc56d30fce9b6ed3c733059 Load FindBin only if success is nigh
c7695e193519b9eec43126d3436fad3f39ccbed6 Load Pod::Usage only if needed
d6c4bf3536af7c60696b28e0a8b692f215b860d0 Load Pod::Usage only if needed
b23b4440a5badd645be70796df95d88629f58954 Fix --debug flag
ffc6cef8cea8526d951a2aa942e8c79e6452c492 Remove autodie
fc40240f3224ed849133f7da36205fb9a719bd77 Print exec() info on --debug
a787fafb39b0df68aad19ca535691ee2e82cd196 Close the socat log file
e8393db340698f6aaa7808c9d82c641b137cb0df Unify STDERR to STDOUT so exceptions will be fed *somewhere*
955b0d4c1066066d15df3349ab5bc5cc25ce2a19 Print exec() info on --debug
ee9722833f86ae8bb177365694402cf880e64811 Kill with signal names, at least commented
c5207b9c4f4f1a88bff064b97feded623c499289 Use 5.005 safer regexp capturing
6edfd35014143d1f897fedcc782e6c739b43f957 Sleep until the top socat has logged something or died
ca1beacba647a6cb8eeabdc09864718bad2ff528 Ignore SIGCHLD to auto-reap children
f01526c81970124158d7cbb5150652848a0aeb38 Unindent
9ecfabb9990a98f8eff638ff6933a9a9e1d13321 Use 5.005 safer control structures
d9fe91d423f6529fbee22bfa50d7f8cafe6ce6aa Stop ignoring SIGCHLD so system() won't ever throw an error that it's waitpid() has already been handled
3394bba47e6486606eb34f99e204cdfd5108b421 Load File::Temp only if success is nigh
49b9feb97df4536af74275ea53915cec71464766 Load Pod::Usage only if needed
b691286c0e04edffe21324918f357d1b8d0bf958 Use 5.005 safe warning
017ecc7ceaa18c42e50737f31e82c3844852c56d Load FindBin only if success is nigh
fe5e029ed8315a755e66a1e7de0085fdcd89962a Load Pod::Usage only if needed
f8a1800b6119bc7f927aab847ced2823769740c4 Oops, avoid 5.10ish //= when I can be 5.005 friendly with "if ! defined"
8ceda561fd8581ce9bf944f50d18957e345bfc12 Fix --debug flag
2153cec0ee7d8455f5bcb704bc1692aaf8eba305 Annotate kill w/ signal names
d878aef2e4c1357594682e45d8bc0440e5ea6036 Be 5.005 safer
d72c54e971a422bfa3e601c20d62f28e39d4b4c9 Add --daemonize option to xterm-server-backend
0e74e994e24f409f8c15e1f28fdcde601ac31ef5 Oops, avoid 5.10ish //= when I can be 5.005 friendly with "if ! defined"
cd6e1c9eafbebbfc3b83a2ba1f392de00ebd6dea add --debug to help text
030475697dc6722fae918e5dee153fb383f0d6e2 xterm-server in debug mode prints exec() string
532f23e655f6ea646d00dd4415ff32ef9c97627b Fix debug flag
35e6dd8adf055603253e374623f65be4a32fca6b Disable warnings in ignorable places
fda2b3d8afc7b3efd239692d9ed72c61acda4906 Only syswrite() and close() the tty if the tty is actually opened
5d0fe29bca4ce88d162df88636f9d6e831452520 Remove autodie
774d6436c69e09ed50008b33e8322b2ef19c54d9 Check for failure to launch socat
61fb7f2b278d24ba03da47357eee8790a49e3c30 Check for failure to extract xterm's tty
f24cabd44d432d53e9f4bc0c5285bd01cfbb2ebc Check for failure to launch xterm
6357b294da546be971fda614238f6b8eb2af7598 Add TODO for readline
62348c8a29ec4a61fb6f9afe0c025668c676cf36 Stop ignoring SIGCHLD so system() won't ever throw an error that it's waitpid() has already been handled
5010c0b7022c7f5e2ea612b3fd24f6cad72abc38 Unify STDERR to STDOUT so exceptions will be fed *somewhere*
2db7b261fa3353a6b54cc229aa8d899c5cc4d83b Be 5.005-safe
8e628226bdd1df885d859e0668d65ce8022d429e Be 5.005-safe
3a5757a874e30909b05efb4761565d52a85d3b32 Avoid loading Pod::Usage unless needed
c6119a16d7fd2546616aceb075e9c616b2d3fbd9 Add tmux-server
2f9f9c7f13170fa0d0ad89313030cc293f6cfff3 Add bin/screen-server and bin/xterm-server
e6455a4dc4b8e6899fb4f94ceafa26bd260e2dd6 Executable flag on for eg/exception2


3dacadc 2.012
c2fbeab Fixup MANIFEST
9e1017f Handle noTTY
3f89c0a Untabify
5a23491 Substitute %d for %UVuf in format for U32 parameters
56363b5 Escape % in format


Many thanks:
  Robert Messer @ IntelliSurvey
  Erkan Yilmaz
  Brock Wilcox - awwaiid

* Breakpoints seem to work
* Save eval strings
* Support trepan debugger
* Support ebug debugger


* breakpoints on function names
  TODO: the r command


* Un-break Devel::Trepan
* Depend on B::Utils-0.25+