$Id: Changes,v 1.7 2009-12-19 11:47:38 joern Exp $

Revision history and release notes for Event::ExecFlow:

0.64 Sat Dec 19, 2009, joern
    - Accumulated group member errors were not reported to
      the frontend.
    - Use Perl's builtin command execution with a subshell
      instead of forking.
0.63 Fri Apr 13, 2007, joern
    - Improved output layout of Event::ExecFlow::Term.
    - Event::ExecFlow::Frontend::Term->set_quiet(1)
      will print just warning and error messages.
    - Added method Event::ExecFlow::Job->reset()
    - Increase group progress on child finish only when
      it was successful.
    - Group considered itself finished even when a child
      job didn't finish successfully (cancelled or error).
0.62 Sat Jun 17, 2006, joern
    - Executed programs are now set into C locale, so parsing
      output is independent from the locale settings.
    - set job into error state if post callbacks return
      with error.

0.61 Sun Apr 2, 2006, joern
    - added some helper methods to the Group class
    - scheduler stuff is still work in progress and needs some cleanup
    - shell commands maybe closures returning the shell code at runtime
    - fixed a bug with depends_on argument to constructor not
      processed correctly

0.60 Mon Mar 27, 2006, joern
    - First public CPAN release
    - API may change but should by fairly stable
    - Documentation is mainly missing yet, only PODs with
      SYNPOSIS and stub chapters.