Revision history for Event-ScreenSaver

0.0.6   2015-01-26
        Updating for release of version 0.0.6
        Updated License (Ivan Wills)
        fixed license (Ivan Wills)
        Merge branch 'master' of (Ivan Wills)

0.0.5   2014-12-07
        Updating for release of version 0.0.5 (Ivan Wills)
        Updated dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Updated licence (Ivan Wills)
        Removed generated files (Ivan Wills)
        Updated skips (Ivan Wills)
        Added missing files to test and cleaned up (Ivan Wills)
        Cleaned up tabs (Ivan Wills)
        Added bailout for non linux oses (Ivan Wills)

0.0.4   2014-05-22
        Changes for 0.0.4 release (Ivan Wills)
        Missing changes fron 0.0.3 (Ivan Wills)
        Updated files (Ivan Wills)

0.0.3   2014-08-19
        Added more diagnostics (Ivan Wills)
        Updated to my current standards (Ivan Wills)
        Upped version number and added notes to the changes file (Ivan Wills)
        Stopped spelling and pod coverage tests running by default (Ivan Wills)
        Made solaris default to using the Unix module (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed issue with people having Test::Spelling but not the spell command (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed POD (Ivan Wills)
        updated the documentation (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed changed method names (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed the date of the actual release (Ivan Wills)
        removed testing code (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed player logic and removed code causing a bug (Ivan Wills)
        Added to be tested, removed todo tests (Ivan Wills)
        Further split out x11 and dbus code to simplify maintanence (Ivan Wills)
        Updated to include new file (Ivan Wills)
        Updated the README file (Ivan Wills)
        Seperated out os specific code to make it easier to implement on other operating systems (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed changes file for first release (Ivan Wills)
        Added other standard files (Ivan Wills)
        example script to pause music players when the screen saver starts (Ivan Wills)
        Added in code to run the screen saver checking (Ivan Wills)
        Moosified lib (Ivan Wills)

0.0.2   2009-07-13
        Fixed failing spelling tests.
        Made Solaris use the Unix module.
        Stopped spelling and pod-coverage tests from running by default

0.0.1   2009-07-12
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.