Revision history for Evo

0.0405    2017-07-19 01:53:04+03:00 Europe/Kiev

0.0404    2017-07-18 23:15:44+03:00 Europe/Kiev

Fixed a bug when exception in promise(sub{}) isn't catched

0.0402    2017-05-06 12:22:09+03:00 Europe/Kiev
add no_method flag for Evo::Class
Changed a behaviour when new method was generated for every class. Right now every class is a subclass of Evo::Class::Base and inherits it's "new" method
Change behaviour of Evo::Fs::copy_dir to silentry ignore existing directories
Improve Test::Mock
Improve Evo::Lib::strict_opts
Implemented Evo::Fs copy_file and copy_dir
Breaking changes in Evo::Fs. Now every path is relative to "root" attribute

0.0200    2017-01-22 07:59:47+02:00 Europe/Kiev
Added has_dummy for Evo::Class
Added Evo::Di->mortal
Added Evo::Test
Added Evo::Promise::AE
Switch from Mojo::Promise to Evo::Promise::Mojo
Improve documantation, make Evo::Class to be able to work with external classes by populating @ISA
Breaking changes: the syntax of Evo::Class attributes changed (now it's very sexy)
Improve Evo::Class for working with alien Classes
Made promise easy to use and integrate
A lot of code refactoring happened
Improved Evo::Class with XS code
Improved Evo::Lib::try with XS code