ExtUtils::F77 Changes list 

v1.24 released Jul 21st 2019
* Fix of library order of -lgfortran and -lquadmath which effected MS Windows

v1.23 released Jan 5th 2019

* Use File::Which and List::Util instead of bespoke code (mohawk2)
* Improvements to docs (karlglazebrook,mohawk2)
* improvements to tests and warnings (mohawk2)
* tidy up of code (mohawk2)
* simplify out of gfortran handling (mohawk2)

v1.22 released Dec 2nd 2018

* Fixed some minor typos in README and F77.pm

v1.21 released Nov 25th 2018

* Adjust ordering of searched for Generic GNU compilers (Nov 2018)

* Addition to pod format content (Nov 2018)

* Use Text::ParseWords not naive split (mohawk2)

* Modernize t/require.t (mohawk2)

v1.20 released May 28th 2016

* Apply upstream FreeBSD patch thanks to srezic for submitting

* Fix fallback compiler logic to support gcc-5.x and higher

* Limited Improved gfortran linking on OS X Yosemite+ to OS X

v1.19_3 released May 28th 2016

* Apply upstream FreeBSD patch thanks to srezic for submitting

v1.19_2 released May 28th 2016

* Fix fallback compiler logic to support gcc-5.x and higher

v1.19_1 released Mar 6th 2016

* Limited Improved gfortran linking on OS X Yosemite+ to OS X

v1.19 released Dec 12th 2015

* Improved gfortran linking on OS X Yosemite+ which avoids PERL_DL_NONLAZY meltdowns

v1.18 released Jul 7th 2015
* resolve rt.cpan.org bug #104495: MinGW now needs to link to libquadmath.a
  Thanks for the patch, kmx.

v1.17_01 released Jul 6th 2014

* Graham Bell's fix to "Add check for GNU fortran .so files as well as .a."
* Typo fix by dsteinbrunner
* Fix Cygwin table to use Generic GNU settings

v1.17 released Jan 1st 2011

* Derek Lamb's patch to avoid an uninitialised variable error.
* Diab Jarius's Solaris Studio 10 patch and his gfortran patch (with mods).
  Note g77 is still the default if both it and gfortran are present. 
* Rob's big Win32 patch (Nov 2010 version)
*** IMPORTANT. Added in simplification of GNU fortran compilers (g77, gfortran, g95, fort77)
  etc. suggested by Tim Jeness. I used his code but made a slightly different
  implementaion introducing a 'Generic' 'GNU' database entry to which others point.
  This also superceded some of the above patches.
  Hope this works!
* Removed places where .gcclibs() is added to the link line, this appears to no loner
  be necessary. Routine left in there (but orphaned) just in case.
* Rob's further Win32 patch (16/12/2010)

v1.16 released May 16th, 2007

* Added new config entry for Darwin/OSX (using gcc 4.0 and g77, gfortran or g95)
* Added new entry for gfortran under Linux (thanks to Thomas Erben).
* Works fine under g77 on intel Mac OS X.

v1.15 released Jan 3rd, 2006

* Jim Edwards f90 patch for SGI irix64
* Added version number print to the startup
* Solaris patches from Diab Jerius
* OSX warning patch from Doug Burke
* Win32 patches from Rob - Sisyphus <kalinabears@iinet.net.au> (2005/1/25)

v1.14 released Jun 15th 2001

* Diab Jerius' Solaris regex patch
* Tim Butler's Solaris patch
* Now prints version on "use"
* David Meleedy's Solaris patch?
* My mix and match of all the above
* Added COPYING file for Licence statement
* Tim Jeness' latest Solaris patch
* My own patch to make sure gcclibs are appended for g77

v1.13 released May 8th 2000

* Small IRIX patch from Christian Soeller.
* Tim Butler's Solaris patch (to make sure directories in path really
  do contain libF77.a)
* Charles Lane's latest VMS patch (properly blanks VMS libs)
* Changed my email address.
* Added Gokhan Ulu's <ulu@ultra.bu.edu> patch to use Solaris 
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to assist in locating F77 libs.

v1.12 released Oct 26th 1999

* SGI coding suggestion from Tim Jenness to suppress a warning.

v1.11 released Oct 15th 1999

* Now removed from PGPLOT module distribution to avoid confusing CPAN,
  now purely available standalone.
* Got rid of some "for my $foo" ism's for 5.003 compatibility.
* Christian's cygwin patches.
* Patch to restore fallback to g77 behaviour if o/s compiler not found.
  (e.g. solaris)
* IRIX changes from Ovidiu Toader <ovi@physics.utoronto.ca>
* Fixed g77 to use -lg2c in prefererence

v1.10 released May 14th 1999

Tim Jenness <t.jenness@jach.hawaii.edu>:
* Fixes for Redhat 6.0 searching for libg2c.a
* Better POD documentation
* New runtimeok() method

v1.09 released May 11th, 1999

* Yet another IRIX patch (Allen Smith <easmith@beatrice.rutgers.edu>, Nov 1998)
* Added -lg2c support provisionally
* Yet another IRIX mod from Christian Soeller  <c.soeller@auckland.ac.nz>
* Improved docs slightly.
* Small VMS patch from Chuck Lane <lane@duphy4.physics.drexel.edu>

v1.08 released Sep 11th, 1998

* Better gcc detection (Anton Berezin)
* Improved libf2c directory location
* fixed pod2man bugs in documentation
* IRIX n32 fix

v1.07 released May 21st, 1998.

* Now supports VMS! Thanks to Charles Lane for his patch

* Added -lxlf90 to AIX libs (Andreas Heitmann)

* Added g77/f77/fort77 search for Generic g77/f2c

* Fixed minor bug in falling back to g77/f2c

* Added support for explicit overriding of Fortran libs
  using the environment variable F77LIBS.