Revision history for FAST

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

1.00    First post to CPAN
1.01    Disabled much testing for the unfortunate reason of portability issues with Test::Script::Run
1.02    Removed some libraries that were causing permission problems: one involving Nexml from BioPerl 
        and the other Pod::Usage -- Pod::Usage listed as a dep for download from CPAN now
1.03    Added use v5.10.1 in lib/ and because of "use parent" in FAST::Bio::SeqIO 

1.05    Docfixes and edge-cases treated with new options in fasuniq, fascodon, and alnpi
        fasuniq --no-starts suppresses separate tally of start codons
	added fasuniq --count 
1.06    DocFixes to alnpi 
        Fix in name of symbolic link to the popset data-file in t/data. 
	Release corresponding to acceptance in Frontiers in Genetics